One Piece Episode 707


Dress Rosa, present day, Palace: Law continues to fight Doflamingo doggedly. Doflamingo claims that Law played into his hands and did exactly what Doflamingo planned by showing up. But Law replies that he came here of his own free will to fulfill Corazón’s last wish to stop Doflamingo. Only after he fulfilled it would he truly be free. Law asks Doflamingo what he thinks of Monkey D. Luffy and if he is now afraid of the “D.” as a former world aristocrat. Doflamingo, however, does not believe in such stories, but still seems angry at the thought. Law then reveals to Doflamingo that he himself also has a “D.” in his name, which immediately enrages Doflamingo. At the same time, Luffy is in trouble in the palace hallway for not wanting to fight Bellamy offensively. Also, all attacks against Doflamingo’s thread double are blocked by Bellamy.

Old King’s Plateau: King Riku asks his daughter Viola about the current status of the battle. According to her, the main battles of the battle are currently taking place at three important locations: the new King’s Plateau, Pica’s statue, and the Smile Factory. When asked by Usopp, Viola has to admit that currently ten officers are still fighting, while on her side the fighters have already taken a heavy beating.

New King’s Plateau, Level 4, Sunflower Field: Kyros mercilessly attacks Diamante, who has a hard time fending off all the attacks. To gain an advantage, Diamante makes a huge flag out of the ground, causing it to move in a big way. This makes it very difficult for Kyros to stand with only one leg.

Level 3: Robin is worried about Rebecca on the fourth level. Bartolomeo understands this and wants to back her up. With the help of a staircase created from her devil powers, Robin now wants to get to the next level. Cavendish has meanwhile defeated numerous henchmen and urges Gladius to finally fight himself.

Level 2: Ideo and Hajrudin have trouble hitting their respective opponents, while taking a lot themselves. Sai, on the other hand, announces that he will hit Baby 5’s heart next, which she again misunderstands.

Pica Statue: Pica continues to escape all of Zoro’s attacks by disappearing into the stone in time.

Dress Rosa’s streets: Sabo, meanwhile, protects the civilians from the collapsing buildings.

Palace: Furious, Doflamingo attacks Law and asks what’s so special about him being a “D.”. Still, he wouldn’t lose to him. Meanwhile, Trébol has finally recovered from Law’s Radio Knife and is fully reassembling his body. As he does so, he notices Law reactivating his devil powers and warns Doflamingo. The latter, through his rage, fails to notice that he is within Law’s range as Law goes for his Injection Shot. Law now proclaims to want to do what the good-hearted Corazón was unable to do at the time. With his Injection Shot Law hits Doflamingo, making him spit up blood.

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