One Piece Episode 706


Minion: Dory, the son of Diez Barrels, has escaped so far from the pirate gang that he is not trapped in Doflamingo’s birdcage. His former comrades ask him for help, but Dory runs away.

Barrels Hideout: Diez Barrels is furious with his son. While he is the strongest of all in the gang, he would have no guts at all. Suddenly, Doflamingo shows up and attacks everyone. Barrels begs for his life because the Operation Fruit was stolen, but Doflamingo blames him for it. He then shoots Barrels with a pistol. Meanwhile, the rest of the Donquixote Pirates takes Barrels’ treasure. Baby 5 and Buffalo, meanwhile, search for Law from the air, listening to a radio message from the Navy. According to this, they have found a boy and brought him to safety. Meanwhile, Doflamingo remembers something.

Review: Doflamingo is introduced as a child of Vergo Trébol, who is the boss at the time. Trébol is amazed at Doflamingo’s haki and promises to give him the strength to take revenge. Later, Doflamingo stands before his father and brother with a gun. His brother begs him not to do it, but is held back by Homing. Doflamingo yells at his father why he would have taken away his power. Doflamingo wants to bring his head to Mary Geoise’s people to be taken back. Homing then hugs Rosinante one last time and apologizes to his sons for having him as a father. When Doflamingo pulls the trigger and shoots his father, Rosinante screams in despair.

Present, Minion: Corazón has turned himself in to the Donquixote pirate gang to get their attention. He is cornered and beaten up by them. In the process, Corazón is thrown against a pile of treasure chests. However, Law is hiding in one of these crates. Doflamingo appears shortly after and greets his brother in person for the first time in six months. Badly wounded, Corazón pulls out a pistol and points it at his brother. He recalls how, after killing their father, he was found by Sengoku, who took him to the navy. Corazón now reveals himself to be a Navy frigate captain, explaining that he had infiltrated the gang in order to avert greater harm. Corazón then lightly bangs his head against the treasure chest behind him with Law inside. He apologizes for lying, because he didn’t want Law to hate him. However, the latter has known about it for quite some time. Doflamingo is indifferent to this, however, and tells his brother to hand Law and the Operation Fruit over to him. Corazón tells him that Law has already eaten the fruit and left the birdcage. In fact, he’s probably already under the protection of the Navy. Shortly after, Baby 5 and Buffalo appear and tell him about the radio message they intercepted. When Corazón hears this, he can hardly believe this happy coincidence. However, none of the people present know that it is Dory. Doflamingo, however, is furious and breaks up the birdcage so they can investigate this further. He orders sail to catch up with the navy ship. After his comrades leave, Doflamingo asks his brother why he is forcing him to kill another member of his biological family. Doflamingo also pulls out a gun and points it at Corazón. He knows full well that Corazón won’t pull the trigger because he would take too much after their father. Corazón asks what else Doflamingo wants from Law. The latter explains that now Law has to die for him so that he becomes immortal.

Law remembers Corazón’s words ten minutes earlier that pirates can’t help but take treasure chests, so he should hide in one. That way, Law would have a safe chance to escape the island. When Law inquires about Corazón’s whereabouts, Corazón reassures him. Doflamingo would never kill him, as they are brothers after all. With his devilish powers, Corazón then silences all the noises Law makes from then on.

Corazón tells his brother that Law has changed and is now free. A search for him would be superfluous. Suddenly, Doflamingo starts shooting at Corazón. Law desperately bangs on the wall of the chest and calls out to Corazón, but his devilish powers keep him mute. The pirates then take the chests back to their ship. Corazón tries to stay alive as long as possible so that his devil powers don’t lose their effect. When the pirates reach their ship, Doflamingo notices Crane’s fleet and immediately orders them to retreat. Meanwhile, Law has freed himself from the crate and, thanks to Corazón’s powers, is able to steal away crying. Shortly after, the first cannonballs ring out between the pirates and the navy, and Corazón’s powers stop working. Law weeps bitterly for the loss of his friend.

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