One Piece Episode 705


Near Swallow: Vice Admiral Crane’s ship is hiding among some rocks, waiting for the Donquixote pirate gang’s ship to ambush it. Crane wonders where Sengoku got the information that Doflamingo would show up. Suddenly, they get word that the Barrels pirates on Minion have been attacked. An observation post there wants to investigate the area to determine what happened.

Minion, Barrels’ Hideout: The pirates try to help their captain get back on his feet, but he only wants the Devil Fruit back. Meanwhile, Barrels’ son seizes the opportunity and flees from the pirate gang in the chaos. The pirates who had discovered Corazón earlier lie defeated on the ground a little further away.

Near the coast: Corazón has taken Law out of hiding and taken him far away. He creates a soundproof wall and shows Law the Operation Fruit. Without wasting any more time, Corazón stuffs it into his mouth. Corazón is pleased, as he was able to take Doflamingo and the Marine by surprise and save Law’s life, after which he collapses. Only now does Law notice that Corazón is bleeding all over his body. Law discovers several bullet holes on him. He tries to use his devil powers to stop the bleeding and heal the wounds. However, he doesn’t know how to use his powers properly and nothing happens. While Corazón denies this, Law still feels responsible because Corazón was only shot because of him. Corazón then asks Law for a favor. He gives him a small container with a letter, the contents of which could save a kingdom called Dress Rosa. Corazón asks Law to give this to the marines who are near the western coast. Corazón knows that Law hates the Navy, but he appeals to him as the son of a doctor that saving lives should always come first and that this is the only way to stop Doflamingo.

West Coast: Law has almost arrived at the naval ship and spies a lone soldier. It is Vergo to whom Law hands the letter. He asks Vergo to help save a friend who is dying.

Vergo accompanies Law to Corazón. Corazón is startled when he discovers Vergo and accidentally calls him by name. Vergo is confused as to what Corazón is doing here and why he can speak. Law then remembers that Corazón once told him about Vergo and that he also belonged to the Donquixote pirate gang, but that he had a secret mission. Law cringes as he realizes his mistake. Vergo opens the letter and now understands that Corazón has betrayed the pirate gang. Immediately, Vergo stomps on Corazón while Law tries in vain to stop him. Vergo then tears up the letter that was supposed to reveal the plans and hideouts of the pirate gang. He coats his entire body in haki and continues to beat Corazón mercilessly. He confesses to having always distrusted Corazón, ever since he disappeared when he was eight and simply reappeared fourteen years later. But since he is Doflamingo’s little brother, the latter did not distrust him. After that, Vergo also beats up on Law.

Coast: Doflamingo has since landed on Minion with the rest of his band of pirates. He had already spotted Crane from a distance near Swallow, which is why he sailed directly to Minion. After Vergo told him all about his brother and Law via Den-den Mushi, Doflamingo no longer considers him part of his family. From now on, his pirate gang is his only family. Vergo also believes that Corazón must have stolen the Operation Fruit because he has already encountered some of Barrels’ henchmen. However, Vergo realizes too late that Corazón has already silently made off with Law. Doflamingo wants to prevent them from disappearing, so he uses his birdcage to imprison everyone on the island.

Hideout of Law and Corazón: Corazón sees threads enclosing the island and knows that this must be the work of his brother. Shortly after, he sees many pirates attacking each other. Since Corazón is sure he won’t survive this day, he at least wants Law to live no matter what. If he were to die, he wants Law to remember him smiling, so he puts on a smile as best he can. While they can’t hide anymore, Corazón still has a plan.

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