One Piece Episode 703


Spider Miles: Law is shocked to discover that Corazón can talk. The latter tells him not to go near his brother if he really does have a D in his name. Law asks when Corazón started being able to speak, to which the latter replies that he always could. He had never been mute, his brother had just assumed so and he didn’t correct him. Law asks him why he is making such a fool of Doflamingo and the rest. As Law gets louder and louder, Corazón creates a soundproof invisible wall around himself and Law. Law can no longer hear the sounds from outside, and conversely, the people on the outside can no longer hear him and Corazón. Corazón explains that he ate from the Silent Fruit and has been able to block out sounds ever since. Law is surprised to learn that Corazón also has devil powers. When Law asks if Corazón’s clumsiness is also an act, it quickly becomes apparent that it was the only thing not an act when Corazón accidentally sets his feather boa on fire with his cigarette. Corazón then explains that he does not consider the pirate gang to be comrades and is only in the gang to keep his brother under control. He explains that he cannot understand how his warm and kind parents could give birth to such a purely vicious child. Corazón sees his brother as a savage beast, remembering the torture of the angry populace.

Only the current four commanders and former first Corazón Vergo know Doflamingo’s true character and brutality. Vergo went by the alias Corazón before him and is currently on a secret mission that no member of the gang knows anything about. What Corazon is really about right now, though, is the “D.” that Law has in his name. He tells the boy that where he and Doflamingo are from, they say that if you don’t behave, you’ll be eaten by the “D.” The “D.” seems to keep popping up in human history, but no one really knows anything about this family. Only one thing is certain: the members of the “D.” family are said to be the sworn enemies of the gods, with gods meaning World Nobles. Therefore, it is believed that the “D.” will turn the world upside down, but not in the way Doflamingo would like. Law doesn’t understand this and instead wants to run to Doflamingo to educate him about Corazón. Corazón’s subsequent attempt to stop Law fails. When Corazón returns to port, it is revealed that Law has changed his mind. Doflamingo is further clueless and instructs his brother to come to the ship, since Vice Admiral Kranich would have found them. After Doflamingo goes back on the ship, Law comes out and explains that he still owed him for not betraying him two years ago for his assassination attempt.

A little later, the ship of the Donquixote pirate gang is on the high seas and is attacked by Vice Admiral Kranich’s ship. In the process, Doflamingo notices that Law and Corazón have disappeared. A message from Corazón tells the gang that he has gone with Law to find a way to cure his illness.

Corazón’s Boat: Corazón has tied up Law and taken some books in his boat about various hospitals. Law complains loudly about this kidnapping. When they are out on the open sea, Corazón uses a Den-den Mushi to call someone. After passwords are exchanged, it is revealed that the person on the other end is then-Grand Admiral Sengoku. Corazón is actually a member of the Navy and is known there as Frigate Captain Donquixote Rosinante. Sengoku inquires what is going on, to which the latter explains that he must interrupt his mission for the time being due to private matters. Sengoku understands and wants to know if Rosinante has managed to scare the kids away from the gang by now, which Rosinante has to deny. He wants to get back to him later and ends the conversation. Sengoku then gets a visit from a rookie marine, Vergo. He asks to be transferred to Base G-5. Law wonders after this conversation if Corazón is in the Navy, since Law hates people involved with the world government. Corazón answers in the negative.

The two visit one hospital after another, but the result is always the same. Once the doctors find out what disease Law is suffering from, the doctors and nurses treat him like a monster or wild animal and want to notify the world government. Law bursts into tears each time, while Corazón becomes enraged, beating up doctors and setting the hospitals on fire.

After six months have passed and Law only has six months left, Corazón begins to despair. He wonders why he keeps exposing Law to it, as it only ends up reminding him of the tragedy in his home country over and over again. Corazón, however, doesn’t want to give up and find a cure not only for the “D.” but for Law himself. He’s convinced that Law experienced much more pain than he did when Law was assassinated two years ago. Thinking about it makes Corazón weep bitterly. Law hears Corazón’s words and silently bursts into tears as well. The next morning, Law makes breakfast for Corazón, whom he now treats more kindly, surprising even him.

Present: Law fights Doflamingo, but is in Corazón’s thoughts, explaining that the tears from back then reached him and saved him, so it’s time to pay the debt.

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