One Piece Episode 700


Dress Rosa, in the northwestern city of Primula: Many people, controlled by Doflamingo’s devil power, are still attacking each other. The resulting chaos is used by some pirates to rob the buildings, while the Navy tries to prevent this. Other navy soldiers try to calm the rampaging animals with stun ammunition, but they are running out. The people who are not controlled ask the Navy for advice as they are unsure what to do in this situation. Vice Admiral Maynard feels overwhelmed as there is a shortage of both soldiers and ammunition. Shortly after, he also receives word that the battle between Sabo and Admiral Fujitora ended in a draw and that Sabo escaped. Shortly after, he remembers how angry Fujitora was at the samurai for still having to protect him despite his birdcage. Fujitora gave orders to take care of the civilians first instead of the pirates fighting Doflamingo. The people who are no longer in control of their bodies should also be immobilized with stun ammunition.

Level 4, Palace: Luffy has trouble fighting Doflamingo’s thread clone and the controlled Bellamy due to his bound hands. In the end, the three end up one floor below. Doflamingo and his thread doppelganger tell Luffy and Law that they have no idea what people do to a former world aristocrat. Doflamingo says that everyone was cruel back then.

Law asks when Doflamingo lost his status as a world aristocrat and why Doflamingo still has the power to call the CP0, which reports directly to the world government. Doflamingo opens up to him that he knows the national treasure Mary Geoises, which could tear the world apart at the seams. The knowledge of this treasure alone was reason enough for the World Nobles to try in vain to kill Doflamingo. When they failed to do so, they decided to occasionally cooperate with him and allow him some liberties. Doflamingo feels that with this knowledge and Law’s devil powers, nothing would have stood in his way. Doflamingo asks if Law even knew about the greatest ability of his devil powers. Law answers in the affirmative, explaining that it is the operation that can give eternal life to another, for the exchange of his own life. Doflamingo explains that this was also the reason why he did not want Law to eat this fruit. Shortly after, the fight breaks out between the two opponents. Doflamingo reminds Law that he learned all his fighting skills from them: Diamond’s swordsmanship, Lao G’s martial arts, Gladius’ aim. Doflamingo calls Law ungrateful, to which Law replies that Doflamingo forgot someone in his list. It’s only thanks to Corazón that he’s standing here now and can fight with these powers.

Flashback, 16 years earlier in the North Blue on the island of Spider Miles: Law has hung grenades around his body in order to be accepted into the Donquixote pirate gang. But he is defeated by Diamante and thrown to the ground. Law gets back up, grabs a sword, and attacks Diamante again. Doflamingo watches them and calls out to Diamante not to take it quite so seriously, as it is only to serve as an entrance test for Law. Law hopes to advance to officer and commander if he defeats Diamante, for which he is laughed at by Diamante, Trébol, Baby 5, and Buffalo. Law is not afraid of Diamante, however, as he would die soon anyway.

Later, after Law is defeated by Diamante, the boy seeks to speak with Doflamingo at headquarters. Trébol and Diamante, however, will not let him see him. Trébol inquires how long he has left to live and how he knows. Law states that he has three years and two months left. Since his father was a doctor, he had access to his medical records. Law wants to kill as many people as possible in his remaining time and destroy everything. Diamante explains that the gang does take in children, but out of hundreds who came, only Baby 5 and Buffalo remain. Shortly after, Doflamingo’s younger brother Corazón enters the room. When he stumbles upon entering, Baby 5 and Buffalo laugh at him. Enraged, Corazón punches them both. Diamante explains that Corazón has been mute since a traumatic event, but is still strong, albeit very clumsy. He hates children, however, and instantly throws young Law out the window onto a pile of scrap metal. Law survived the fall, but vows to kill him in a rage.

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