One Piece Episode 699


Level 4, Palace: Law is furious at Luffy for using their strategy way too early and Doflamingo won’t fall for it a second time. Doflamingo gets back up and angrily sics a thread clone on Luffy.

Streets of Dress Rosa: Sabo and Fujitora have broken off their fight. Admiral Fujitora has left the battlefield. However, the Admiral’s words do not leave Sabo alone. He didn’t even notice that Koala had appeared in the meantime and was upset about Sabo’s behavior to provoke a fight with the Navy. This could start a war against the revolutionaries. Sabo, however, does not care and remembers Fujitora’s words. The latter would know that currently there is hardly any difference between Doflamingo and the navy, and thus the navy is not considered a hero or savior on this island, which is why his soldiers will no longer harass him, the Straw Hat, or his comrades. Sabo wonders about this behavior, as it could mean some consequences for the Admiral. The Admiral says that he is not worried, as he usually has quite a bit of luck in games. Back in the present, Koala is again angry at Sabo for blanking her again. He should think of others in his actions too, he says, because she’s constantly having to clean up the mess he leaves behind.

Old King’s Plateau: The civilian mob has Usopp and the others tied up and are planning to use them to lure the others out and capture them. At this moment, some pirates come climbing up the plateau. They plan to deliver Usopp & Co. to Doflamingo and collect the prize money. The civilians in their way are attacked. King Riku can’t stand by and watch this for long and intervenes. He fights the pirates and protects the civilians. He frees Hack and Tank to support him. Soon enough, the pirates are defeated and tied up themselves. The civilians then release Usopp, Kinemon, and the rest as well. They are ashamed of their behavior. King Riku, whom they have hated for the past ten years, though he was only manipulated by Doflamingo, despite everything, cares for their well-being and fights for them. Despite learning the truth, they fell for Doflamingo’s game because they saw no other way out. They all bow to King Riku, asking for his forgiveness and for him to tell them what to do now. The king decides to wait it out, which surprises many. In his mind, King Riku realizes that without realizing it, he has begun to trust Luffy. Suddenly, Admiral Fujitora speaks up, also betting on Luffy.

Level 4, Palace: Trébol is unable to reassemble after Law’s attack, contrary to his expectations. Law has used a special cutting technique that makes reassembly impossible for several minutes. Luffy, meanwhile, is caught by Doflamingo’s strings, spun around, and thrown to the ground so Doflamingo can attend to Law. The latter is about to finish Trébol off when Doflamingo interferes and takes him down. The samurai is furious, as he doesn’t like people messing with his family. He then ties Luffy’s hands with his strings and has Bellamy attack him. Bellamy tries to fight it off but can’t get past Doflamingo’s control and attacks the Straw Hat with two swords, who goes down.

Doflamingo reveals that he is descended from the noblest bloodline in the world, the World Nobles. He explains that he was already born with the most powerful influences in the world. However, snarling, he explains that his father just gave up their power one day and left Mary Geoise with his family of four to live among normal people. He calls his father an idiot. More and more memories come to his mind as a result; how they couldn’t afford to buy any more slaves, how no one knelt before him, how he was persecuted, and how his mother ultimately passed away. Doflamingo explains that when he was ten years old, he experienced heaven and hell firsthand, which is why he killed his father with his own hands. He brought his head to the other World Nobles for them to take him back. However, they did not accept anyone from a treacherous family. That day, Doflamingo vowed to destroy everything the World Nobles thought they ruled or owned. He is convinced that Law and Luffy would have no idea what he had been through in his life.

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