One Piece Episode 698


Level 3: After Sugar loses consciousness again, the giant Nutcrackers transform back into the human henchmen of the Donquixote Pirates. Cavendish is stunned that someone would do this to his own people. The former Nutcrackers are glad to be human again, having been afraid of having to live as toys for the rest of their lives. Gladius, however, lies to his subordinates in a calm voice that they changed them back after the battle. The henchmen are relieved to hear this, though it never occurs to any of them that everyone had actually forgotten who they actually were. Bartolomeo remarks that he has his abilities back and can now fight properly again. Gladius warns his three opponents not to underestimate him just because the Nutcrackers are gone.

Level 4, King’s Palace: Luffy notices Bellamy lying injured under Doflamingo’s feet. Doflamingo is amused that Luffy, of all people, who was once an adversary of Bellamy, cares about him. Luffy declares that he doesn’t care about the past and that Doflamingo should leave Bellamy alone. The latter kicks Bellamy a few times and explains that the latter planned to become an officer and thus a member of his family if he wins the tournament. Later, he gave Bellamy the job of killing Luffy, failing again, and ended up coming here to be killed by him, which is why Doflamingo would have the right to treat Bellamy like this and even kill him. Luffy sees how much these words hurt Bellamy, who is in tears, and he remembers how proud Bellamy had told him before the tournament that he had always admired Doflamingo and wanted to be part of his crew, as he was a hero to him. Doflamingo grabs Bellamy by the head, pulling him up so that Luffy and Law can clearly see his injuries, and says that no matter what he would do, he will always remain just a simple, stupid thug. Luffy, however, disagrees, saying that Bellamy has changed. However, Bellamy only asks to be killed, at which point Doflamingo begins to laugh.

Enraged by this, Luffy attacks him, but Doflamingo uses Bellamy as a shield, causing Luffy to hit Bellamy, for which the Straw Hat instantly apologizes. Law then admonishes Luffy to keep his cool, as Doflamingo is just going for it. Law explains that Doflamingo himself has no feelings, which is why he plays with others’. Doflamingo has to disagree with Law that he very much does have feelings, and enumerates all the things Law and Luffy have done to him in the past week: First they destroyed his SAD production, then they got Vergo and Mone killed, then they kidnapped Caesar, on Dress Rosa they turned the toys back into humans, and last but not least, some of their allies are currently trying to destroy the Smile factory. He mentions that these events already make him almost angrier than what happened 13 years ago. Suddenly Law gets angry because if this hadn’t happened then, he wouldn’t be standing here now. Doflamingo retorts that if it had, Law would surely be standing by his side as the third Corazón, to which Law draws his sword. Doflamingo then creates a thread double, which attacks Law. Luffy then goes to tackle the real Doflamingo, but is attacked by Bellamy, armed with two swords. Luffy does not realize at first that this is controlled by Doflamingo. Bellamy asks the straw hat to stop him.

Level 2: The former gladiators continue to fight the henchmen and officers of the Donquixote Pirates. Dellinger enjoys his fight against Ideo, as he is interested in the latter’s destruction cannon attack. At the mere thought of this destruction, Dellinger gets a crazed look in his eyes. Machvise, on the other hand, is giving the giant Hajrudin quite a run for his money. Sai is still facing Baby 5, but she misunderstands him once again.

Smile factory: Franky and Señor Pink take turns punching each other without the other deflecting the blow. Even though their faces are already pretty bruised, they act like they didn’t feel a thing. The midgets and women only cheer them both on all the more.

Level 4, Royal Palace: Law advises Luffy to knock Bellamy out to stop him, but the Straw Hat refuses. Bellamy, he says, is his friend, at which point the latter is brought to tears. Doflamingo estimates that one punch could probably be enough to kill Bellamy. He reminds Law of what he once taught him, “The weak have no right to decide how they die.” Furious at this, Luffy shouts to Law that he wants to use their strategy right now. Law says that it’s too early for that, since it would be their final strategy after all. Nevertheless, Luffy sets up for a Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, but runs at Law. At the last moment, Law switches places with Doflamingo, whereupon the latter is hit by Luffy’s attack, while Law launches a surprise attack on Trébol. Law says that Luffy is living up to the name of the Worst Generation, to which Luffy reminds Law that he is also one of them.

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