One Piece Episode 697


Old Plateau: Usopp is pleased with the drawing Kanjuro completed for him. Kanjuro is told to make it real immediately so he can use it as ammunition. Meanwhile, the angry mob of Dress Rosa residents slowly climbs up the plateau and has almost reached the top. Usopp goes to his slingshot, now relying on Viola to tell him exactly where Sugar is. Kinemon still has his reservations, as the target is finally several miles away in a castle behind a wall. However, Usopp explains that taking down enemies from a long distance without being noticed is his specialty. Viola can see through her devil powers that Sugar is getting closer to Luffy and Law.

King Riku decides to use Tank and Hack to stop the angry mob and protect Usopp. He knows the people are after him too, as they see no other way to stop Doflamingo’s cruel game. Still, he asks Tank and Hack not to hurt anyone, as that is Doflamingo’s plan. All they have to do is buy Usopp time. The two samurai also decide to help King Riku. Shortly after, the first ones make it to the plateau. Viola informs Usopp that Sugar is now in Law’s and Luffy’s sights.

Palace, by the pool: While Law and Luffy are still arguing about their tactics, Sugar thinks she has an easy time with them since Law doesn’t know her either. She only joined after he left the gang. She pretends to be a helpless crying child, drawing attention to herself. When this seems odd to Law and he just wants to ignore her, Sugar just cries louder.

Old Plateau: King Riku and the others are doing their best to hold back the angry crowd. Viola worries about her father, but Usopp calls out to her to stay focused. Viola describes Sugar’s exact location to him, and Usopp tries to target her accurately with his giant slingshot. At that moment, Luffy approaches Sugar in the palace. Usopp knows he can’t miss and doesn’t have a second shot or Luffy will be lost. However, this pressure causes him to shake and he can’t aim accurately. In his excitement, Usopp even imagines himself missing and Luffy being turned into a toy. Usopp shakes off these thoughts. He doesn’t want to lose his friend and won’t allow himself such a mistake. Meanwhile, the crowd has overcome King Riku & Co. and is approaching the sniper. The latter has regained his confidence and no longer thinks to miss, whereupon something seems to awaken in him. Usopp is suddenly able to sense the aura of the people in front of him and knows exactly where Luffy, Law and Sugar are. Just seconds before the crowd attacks Usopp, he fires his shot.

Usopp factored the wind conditions into his shot and included a booster in his ammo in the form of his Explosion Star attack, sending the projectile flying further. Two seconds, and several meters later, another booster activates, sending the projectile flying all the way to Sugar. Just before a collision, a screaming image of Usopp’s distorted face suddenly appears from the ammunition. This causes Sugar to lose consciousness again.

Level 3: While Robin, Cavendish and Bartolomeo try to defend themselves against the nutcrackers, they suddenly stop moving and fall down one after the other.

Old Plateau: Usopp has since been overpowered and tied up by the angry mob. Viola is heavily impressed and calls Usopp brilliant as she announces that he finished off Sugar with his shot. Everyone present is impressed as well. Usopp is happy that he was able to help Luffy, even though he probably didn’t notice.

Palace: While some henchmen rush to Sugar’s aid, Luffy grabs Law by the arm and flings himself with him to the top of the palace, where Doflamingo is already waiting for them. The latter is disappointed when the two explain that they are here to defeat Doflamingo.


  • The toy Luffy turned into in Usopp’s imagination was the giant robot Luffy-Bomber from Omake Chopper Man.
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