One Piece Episode 696


Luffy runs with Law up the stairs Bartolomeo created to reach level 4. In the process, he is attacked again by a nutcracker. Law says that there is no point in fighting right now and that Luffy should rather concentrate on the end of the stairs.

Level 4, Sunflower Field: Rebecca tries her best to fend off the attacks of Diamante, who is simply too strong. The latter asks what she would have lost here anyway, since she should have already noticed in the Coliseum how weak she is in contrast to him, and thus wouldn’t stand a chance against Doflamingo. Diamante throws her back with a sword slash, losing the key to Law’s cuffs. Diamante doesn’t notice this and continues to puzzle over why Rebecca came, guessing that perhaps she was hoping for a miracle to meet and defeat him again to avenge her mother. When Rebecca gets up, she actually toys with the idea of attacking Diamante, but then she sees the key on the ground and remembers how Luffy promised her to defeat Doflamingo. Rebecca ducks into the sunflower field, grabs the key, and runs away. Diamante is a bit surprised at first, thinking that he had provoked Rebecca enough for her to make a foolish attack. But Rebecca knows she doesn’t stand a chance against Diamante and wants to stall until she can give Luffy and Law the key. Diamante pursues her and knocks her to the ground with his whip-shaped sword. Diamante, however, thinks she’d rather die the same way her mother did, at which point he pulls out a gun.

At that moment, Rebecca calls out to the one-legged toy soldier, whereupon Kyros appears, attacks Diamante, and pushes him away. Rebecca’s tears come after all these years seeing her father in his human form again. Before she can say anything, Kyros apologizes for only being able to teach her how to fight, even though she, like her mother, is against fighting. He promises that she will never have to fight again from now on. Furious at this statement, Diamante stands up and attacks Kyros, but he has unfinished business with Diamante.

Rebecca hears Luffy’s voice from the cliff of level 4 shortly after. Luffy has almost reached the level via the stairs, but is still being chased by a nutcracker, so he shouts to Rebecca to throw him the key. Luffy finally leaps into the air to use his rubber arm to grab the key from Rebecca. When he catches it, he and Law are swallowed by a nutcracker. However, Law is able to free himself at that moment and uses his devil powers to break the nutcracker into its component parts, freeing the two of them. Diamante immediately goes to attack the two, but is stopped by Kyros. The latter tells them to leave Diamante to him and face Doflamingo instead. Luffy thanks Rebecca for the key beforehand and is glad she was able to see her father again. Rebecca asks Luffy, who she still addresses as Lucy, if he would really defeat Doflamingo, to which he explains that his name is Luffy and this should be no problem as the future King of the Pirates. This statement only provokes Diamante more, which is why he once again attempts an attack on Luffy and Law. This time, however, Law uses his powers to teleport himself and Luffy inside the palace, allowing them to escape the attack.

Palace Courtyard, Pool Side: Luffy finds Law’s ability extremely useful, but his abilities cost him a lot of strength. Therefore, he finds it convenient that Luffy carried him all the time, saving his strength. He uses his devil powers one more time to remove the bullets from his body that Doflamingo fired at him. Seeing these, Law only grows angrier at his tormentor. Luffy already wants to advance inside the palace, but Law stops him. In his opinion, they won’t get far with Doflamingo with brute strength alone, which is why they need a plan. Meanwhile, they are spotted by a henchman from the Donquixote pirate gang, who reports back to Sugar via a Den-den Mushi. Sugar then sets out to get revenge for ruining ten years of their work collecting slaves for Doflamingo.

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