One Piece Episode 695


Level 4, Sunflower Field: Rebecca, Leo and Kabu land on the fourth level. Rebecca is worried about Robin and Bartolomeo, but Leo is confident that they will be fine. The two dwarves ask if it’s okay with Rebecca that they split up now that Leo and Kabu want to look for Mansherry. Rebecca has no objections and the two then make their way inside the castle. Some fond memories of her father come to Rebecca as she looks at the field of sunflowers. Suddenly, however, she is jolted out of her nostalgia as someone rises from the sunflowers. It is Diamante, who was taking a nap while waiting for the intruders. Diamante is somewhat surprised that the first person to make it here is Rebecca. She is completely shocked to find her mother’s murderer here.

Level 3: Gladius fires some projectiles at the group. Luffy tries to deflect them with his gum-gum balloon, but Bartolomeo beats him to it with his barrier. Bartolomeo explains that the projectiles explode at the slightest touch, so his abilities are more appropriate here. Luffy thinks this is great, to which the cannibal blushes and gloats. Law demands that they finally get the hell out of here. Bartolomeo is annoyed by Law’s remark, but an idea occurs to him. He changes the shape of his barrier, creating a massive staircase for Luffy and Law to use.

In front of the new King’s Plateau: Sabo continues to fight Fujitora, but notices that the Admiral is holding back a lot, so he demands that he finally fight seriously. Fujitora would like to refrain from doing so, but sees no other choice due to his position and draws his sword. He affects gravity so that Sabo’s attacks miss. With a sword, he creates a horizontal gravity that pushes everything away, so even entire houses are crushed in. Sabo is still able to escape due to his devil powers. The admiral explains this would be like gambling, where he is willing to bet his life. However, he says, some games are over before they have begun if you have lost your dice beforehand. The revolutionary is irritated by these words.

Level 4: Diamante wouldn’t have believed Rebecca would be his first opponent and attacks her, but she tries to dodge.

Level 3: As Luffy and Law make their way up the stairs, they are overtaken by Kyros, who wants to go ahead. Suddenly, a giant nutcracker attacks, but Cavendish is able to fend it off. The pirate prince wants revenge on the nutcrackers for the injuries to his horse, so he stays on this level. As Gladius fires at Luffy, Bartolomeo throws himself in front of it so Luffy can keep running. Cavendish wonders why the cannibal didn’t use his barriers to block the attack. Bartolomeo replies that the number of barriers he has has a certain limit and he would have reached it with his stairs. Cavendish then declares that he will fight for Bartolomeo until he can defend himself again. Bartolomeo is nevertheless proud of himself for being able to use his body as a shield for Luffy and that he would give his life for him. Robin understands the cannibal’s feelings and explains that everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates feels the same way. Luffy is someone they would bet everything on, as he would be their trump card to defeat any opponent.

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