One Piece Episode 693


In a small cell, the dwarf princess Mansherry weeps bitterly.

Smile Factory: Franky has opened the gates of the factory and the dwarves welcome their captured comrades. Overjoyed, the formerly enslaved dwarves cheer. Bomba asks if the princess is also in the factory. Chao explains that Maujii is already looking for her. However, the latter has to realize that the princess is not in the factory. His comrades believe that the princess is apparently being held somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Kyuin is angry that Franky, who is talking to the dwarves, ignores her. She introduces herself again as the head of the Smile factory and immediately tries to suck in some dwarves with her vacuum cleaner, which is prevented by Franky. The cyborg walks up to Kyuin slowly and suddenly seems to hug her.

Level 3: Cavendish, Kyros and Luffy try to hold their own against the giant nutcrackers. As more and more of them appear, Cavendish sees no choice but to fight his way out. But their attacks seem to have little effect.

Senor Pink, meanwhile, has realized that Franky has deceived him about the frail old woman.

Smile Factory: While Kyuin asks Franky why he’s holding her, Franky talks to himself that Pink threw him backwards to the ground several times and will take revenge. Senor Pink just reaches the factory and goes for a jump attack. However, Franky does a back throw with Kyuin, so she takes the attack from Senor Pink. After Kyuin gets back up and angrily starts at Franky, he grabs her by the tie and gives her a kiss on the mouth. The midgets and Kyuin are shocked. Franky then turns back to Senor Pink, while Kyuin is irritated. Senor Pink explains to her that this was the only way to shut her up. With that, he and Franky can finally finish their fight. They both then get ready and attack each other again.

Level 3: Luffy and his companions have apparently defeated the Nutcrackers.

Pica Statue: Zoro continues to keep Pica busy while Robin’s group has almost reached level 2. While there, Leo receives a call via Den-den Mushi from Maujii, who tells him that the princess is not at the factory.

Old King’s Plateau: Usopp hears an angry crowd making its way towards them and is frightened. Viola tells her father that she received a call from the dwarves that Princess Mansherry is not being held prisoner at the factory. King Riku already suspects where the dwarves’ princess will be and asks his daughter to use her devil powers to search the palace. Meanwhile, Kinemon and Kanjuro have also made it to the plateau. Usopp is glad that Kinemon found his friend. Kanjuro explains that he met a crowd on the way that had trouble getting up to the plateau, so he created a net for them to get up there easier. Usopp is stunned and yells at the samurai that people are after them. Viola, meanwhile, has searched much of the palace but found nothing. She is puzzled, as she knows the palace better than anyone and explored it as a child, sometimes causing her father to get angry with her. A thought then occurs to her as to where Mansherry might be. She looks into the punishment room she used to have to go to as a child. There she actually finds the princess crying bitterly and calling for Leo.

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