One Piece Episode 692


Level 3: Luffy, Cavendish, Law and Kyros come face to face with a group of creepy, giant, nutcrackers. The strange figures don’t seem to have good footing, and one of them falls down. This one, however, then crawls towards Luffy’s group with incredible speed to bite them. Cavendish’s horse Farul, however, is quick enough to escape the attack. Cavendish tells the group that everyone needs to take good care of themselves now, as they are going to charge right through this enemy force.

Pica Statue: Zoro continues to fight Pica, who is already starting to gasp a bit as Zoro was able to fend off each of his attacks. Zoro taunts the commander, whereupon Pica assimilates with the stone again. Zoro is able to cut another attack before the rest of Pica’s body submerges into the stone. He pops up behind Zoro to attack him with several stone spikes, but the Straw Hat Pirate is able to avoid this attack as well. Zoro notices Robin, Rebecca, and Bartolomeo coming flying in his direction as he does so. Leo, who is on Robin’s shoulder, is concerned as they cannot dodge any attacks from Pica in this situation. Robin then calls out to Zoro to distract the commander from them as they hover over the stone statue. However, in the next moment, Pica prepares to attack the incoming trio. Zoro jumps in between and attacks with a flying sword attack, but it is aimed at Pica, who is right in the middle of the statue, rather than his fist. The attack cuts the statue in half and Pica finally seems to have taken a heavy hit. Zoro comments that he finally understands Pica’s abilities. Further, he warns Pica not to make the mistake of thinking that Straw Hat Luffy and God Usopp are the most dangerous members of the Straw Hats, as he himself would soon become the strongest swordsman ever. The trio can now float on, while Bartolomeo is overjoyed to have witnessed this attack by Zoro.

Smile Factory, Inside: Doflamingo’s minions try to recapture the rebelling dwarves, but are entirely without a chance against them. Meanwhile, an elderly dwarf named Maujii, who is the advisor to the dwarf princess, is running wild in the factory. Inconsolable that he believed the lies that the princess was sick, she was in fact a prisoner, so he tries to find her everywhere. The other dwarves try to calm Maujii down, but he already runs to the next floor. In the meantime the manager of the Smile factory Kyuin is also informed about the situation, who then wants to take care of it personally. Some of Doflamingo’s henchmen try to bring the dwarves under their control again with lies, but the dwarves use earplugs so they can’t hear the guards. Meanwhile, Maujii has found the room where the dwarves thought their princess was. But when they open the door, they see that it is only an empty warehouse. Meanwhile, another group of dwarves has made it to the entrance of the factory and is trying to open the door.

Smile Factory, outside: After Franky has been thrown to the ground again by Señor Pink, he suddenly hears the dwarves trying to open the door, whereupon Franky gets an idea. With a lie, Franky gets the officer to leave the battlefield.

Smile Factory, Inside: Kyuin, armed with a vacuum cleaner, has reached the dwarves. She uses her vacuum cleaner to recapture all the dwarves. Some dwarves manage to cling to the door when suddenly the door opens. Franky praises the dwarves for their efforts and now wants to take over herself.

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