One Piece Episode 691


Level 2: Cavendish rides towards Level 3 with Luffy, Kyros and Law, but they are again attacked by henchmen of the Donquixote Pirates. However, they are repelled by Blue Gilly, Elizabello II, and Hajrudin. Dagama tells Cavendish to get Luffy to level 4 at all costs, they would take care of the enemies on level 2. When Gladius tries to interfere, he is attacked by Sai and Ideo, but receives support himself from Lao G. Baby 5 again attacks Don Chinjao and Orlumbus. Chinjao is able to escape the attack, after which Baby 5 asks him why they suddenly believe in teamwork. Don Chinjao thinks the straw hat is worth letting go of his own beliefs for a moment. Baby 5 dodges the former pirate’s headbutt and watches Dellinger fight Elizabello.

The King of Prodense can’t keep up with his opponent’s speed and is kicked away. As Dellinger threatens to give him the coup de grace, Hajrudin comes in and attacks Dellinger, who then takes flight. Machvise, literally, jumps in for it and throws himself at the giant while increasing his weight by ten tons, whereupon the giant goes down. Dagama continues to coordinate the other fights, and later leads a squad to secure Luffy’s way to level 3. Dellinger then attacks the tactician with his horns, taking him down. Luffy and Cavendish are shocked. However, Dagama takes the opportunity to hold Dellinger, whose horns are stuck in Dagama’s body, to prevent him from attacking Luffy and his companion as well. The tactician shouts to the straw hat that he must make it to the top at all costs. With a combination attack, Cavendish and Luffy charge through the enemy forces as they make their way to level 3.

Dump: Kinemon finally finds his friend Kanjuro behind a false wall. Kanjuro is delighted to see his old friend again, while Kinemon is moved to tears. Kanjuro explains that he created this fake wall for safety and thanks to his “magic” he didn’t starve to death either, offering him a funny looking cabbage, which Kinemon refuses. Kinemon in turn explains that he was able to save Momonosuke and is now here to save him. Kanjuro is happy to hear this and now wants to escape the dump with Kinemon. He takes out a massive paintbrush and paints a bad bird sketch, using his devil powers to bring it to life. The two samurai want to fly out on the bird sketch, but the other prisoners, who are former soldiers or civilians, ask to take them so they can help King Riku. Kanjuro offers to help and paints several, odd, ladders for the prisoners to climb out with.

Level 2: Blue Gilly has again defeated some henchmen who were trying to shoot at the Straw Hat. Dellinger then attacks the Long Legged Man and defeats him with a hard kick. Luffy has witnessed this from afar and is worried about the others. Cavendish then explains his view of this birdcage match since he heard Doflamingo’s speech. Since the Samurai of the Seas started the game after the residents and other visitors to the island witnessed people being turned into toys and enslaved, as well as trafficking weapons, Cavendish is sure of one thing: Doflamingo has no intention of stopping this game, even if someone brings him the people he’s looking for. He wants to silence the entire island so that no one from the outside world will find out. The only way to stop Doflamingo is to defeat him before more people fall victim to his madness. Meanwhile, the officers have now defeated Orlumbus and Boo as well. Cavendish explains to Luffy that Doflamingo made a crucial mistake, however, when he called the tournament, bringing some of the best fighters to the island. Meanwhile, some one-on-one fights have formed among the officers and gladiators, with Sai fighting Baby 5, Ideo fighting Dellinger, Don Chinjao fighting Lao G, and Hajrudin fighting Machvise. Cavendish adds to his speech that it will be him who defeats Doflamingo. An argument breaks out between Luffy, Law, Cavendish and Kyros as to who Doflamingo is entitled to. However, the four’s argument is interrupted when they reach level 3 and encounter giant living nutcrackers.

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