One Piece Episode 690


Level 4, Palace: Doflamingo reveals to Bellamy that they both had different goals and that he never had a chance in his gang. While Bellamy always wanted to be a pirate, Doflamingo only ever wanted the power to destroy the world. Bellamy is shocked by such an insane answer.

Level 2: The former gladiators continue to charge forward. Suleiman gets into a fight with Dellinger. The latter is pleased to meet the former war criminal, whose specialty was executions. Dellinger is able to deceive his opponent and surprises him with a frontal attack through his horns. The other officers Baby 5, Lao G, Machvise and Gladius also enter level 2 and stand in the way of the gladiators. Don Chinjao wants to ignore them at first as he is about to reach level 3. Just as he climbs halfway up, he is caught by Gladius’ devil powers, causing Don Chinjao to fall off the wall. Boo goes to rush to his grandfather’s aid, but at that moment Machvise jumps him, adding several tons of weight in mid-jump to bury Boo underneath him. Meanwhile, Orlumbus is brought to his knees by Lao G, while Dagama is shot at by Baby 5.

Dress Rosa, City of Sebio: A man under Doflamingo’s control almost shot his wife and child had a group of civilians not stopped him. The people tie him up and other people under Doflamingo’s control. They hope this cruel game will end soon, when two men declare they have seen King Riku and Usopp on the old royal plateau. More and more civilians then gather and decide to arrest the two, thus luring the rest out and then handing them over to Doflamingo to end his game.

Garbage Dump: Kinemon calls out to Kanjuro in the garbage dump. As he does, everyone hears a strange rattling sound. Kinemon follows the sound to a strange spot on the wall.

Smile Factory: The guards whip the enslaved dwarves for dropping a SAD tanker while the factory was being moved. As they do so, the dwarves notice that several swarms of pink bees have gathered at the windows of the factory, positioning themselves to form sentences at Bian’s command. Through the first sentence, the dwarves ask their enslaved comrades to unlock the doors from the inside. The second sentence explains that they have been tricked by Doflamingo and are to fight. The dwarves trust their comrades and now face their tormentors, who knock them out.

Level 2: Sai helps Boo get to safety before Machvise can attack again. Dellinger, on the other hand, is currently fighting Blue Gilly and has almost defeated him as well, until suddenly Ideo appears and fends off the attack. When again Dagama is about to lose to Baby 5, Elizabello II supports his tactician. The King of Prodense realizes that they probably need to finish their battles here first. When the former gladiators hear Luffy’s voice in the distance, Dagama wants to show that he’s not the military tactician of Prodense for nothing. Cavendish offers Luffy that he and Law can ride along on his horse, knowing that together they have a greater chance of advancing. Luffy gladly accepts the offer. However, Cavendish notices another person on his horse: Kyros. The soldier had been following Luffy down the path he created from level 1 to level 2. Luffy informs Kyros that they want to meet up with his daughter on level 4. Kyros is far from thrilled that Rebecca is to be in the middle of the battlefield, but Luffy reassures him that his friends are protecting her. For his part, Kyros explains that he wants to take down Doflamingo, though he also has his sights set on Diamante. As the group rides on, they encounter the former gladiators, who are now working together due to Dagama’s leadership. Dagama sees no point in everyone fighting their way individually. Together, they have a better chance of winning this war. Therefore, they would stay on level 2 and have Luffy’s back so he can continue to advance.

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