One Piece Episode 689


King’s Square, Level 1, Tunnel: Doflamingo has followed Law and Luffy into the tunnel, which turns out to be a dead end. Doflamingo explains that this is a disused sewer and not a shortcut. Luffy attacks Doflamingo, who calmly deflects the attack with one hand. He taunts Luffy that they fell for this trap. Doflamingo then attacks Ucy, who then collapses and lands in the water with Luffy. Doflamingo admires the Straw Hat for actually managing to gain so many allies under such conditions. This has already impressed him during Krieges on Marine Ford. Still, he can’t believe the latter’s naivety and asks Law why he chose Luffy over him. Doflamingo recalls what a promising kid Law once was, to which Law replies that he would never become like Doflamingo, having been saved by Corazón. Before Doflamingo can finish Luffy off, he is attacked from behind by Jeet and Abdullah. It turns out that the Doflamingo before them was merely a thread clone, which dissolves into multiple threads. Jeet and Abdullah then rescue Luffy and Law from the water.

Dress Rosa’s Streets: A pirate wants to shoot Kyros from a distance so he can join the Donquixote pirate gang. An older man from Dress Rosa stops him and wrestles with him for the gun. Kyros overhears this and rushes to the old man’s aid. After the pirate goes down and Kyros thanks the old man for his help, he picks up the rifle and demands Kyros surrender. However, Kyros denies this, knowing that the people of Dress Rosa are actually peaceful and Doflamingo is only forcing them to act this way, which is why he must defeat him. Kyros then moves on, while the old man lowers his rifle, crying.

Level 1, Tunnel: Jeet explains to Luffy and Law that Kelly Funk tricked them into ambushing him. However, shortly after, he was attacked by Doflamingo and defeated within seconds. Luffy is annoyed that he had actually fallen into a trap and was saved by Doflamingo. Hearing that Cavendish and the other gladiators have already reached level 2, he decides to create his own shortcut. Outside the tunnel, Kyros has just made it to level 1 and hears Luffy’s voice through the echo of the tunnel as he prepares to attack. Kyros then runs into the tunnel as well.

Level 3: The officers of the Donquixote pirate gang can’t believe that the invaders have reached Level 2. Suddenly, the earth shakes and Luffy’s massive elephant gun shoots out of the ground. Gladius is furious with the henchmen that they retreat in horror.

Level 2: Don Chinjao takes advantage of the chaos to run to Level 3. After Luffy tells Jeet and Abdullah to take care of Ucy, he hurls himself and Law through the hole on Level 2 with the Gomu Gomu no Missile.

Dress Rosa’s streets: Sabo and Fujitora continue to fight each other.

Smile Factory: The dwarves inform Franky that they know a way to open the gate to the factory. However, the cyborg would have to continue distracting Señor Pink. Franky understands and is thrown backwards by Pink in the next moment.

Robin’s group is being shot at by some people who have spotted them. Bartolomeo would like to use his barriers, but can’t cross his fingers to create them because he’s holding onto the bugs right now. Instead, he shakes his pants down to his ankles to urinate on the people. The people below then get a fright and quickly run away.

Level 4, Sunflower Field: Bellamy wants to know what Doflamingo really thinks about him. Meanwhile, at the palace, Doflamingo is playing around with a heart-shaped key and asks Trébol and Diamante if they remember meeting Law back in the day. While Diamante describes him as a crazy brat, Doflamingo says that Law reminded him of himself and he hoped that Law would one day be his right-hand man. However, he has since realized that this is just wishful thinking and he must kill Law.

Flashback, ten years earlier in North Blue: In the hideout of the Donquixote pirate gang, young Law has managed to get as far as Doflamingo. He’s wrapped himself in hand grenades so no one will stop him. Law wants to join the pirate gang because he wants to destroy everything, countries, buildings, people. He explains that he doesn’t have much time left and will die soon since he is from Flevance.

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