One Piece Episode 688


King’s Square, Level 1: The henchmen realize that it is futile to attack the Straw Hat, as it will repel all their attacks. They therefore set their sights on Ucy. However, the former Angel of Death of the Coliseum is also too much for the henchmen and simply runs them down. Luffy shortly after recognizes the rest of the fighters from the coliseum, who have also made connections and are on level 1. Cavendish shouts over his microphone to Luffy that he will reach Doflamingo first, which angers the Straw Hat. While taking out his frustrations on a few more of Doflamingo’s henchmen, he suddenly receives unexpected help from Kelly Funk, who has once again taken control of his brother Bobby Funk’s body. Kelly explains that he and his brother were also saved by Usopp, so he wants to show his appreciation. He directs them to a shortcut, which Luffy uses to make it directly to Level 4, the Sunflower Field. With the prospect of overtaking Cavendish and the rest again, Luffy rides after Kelly.

Law asks what Luffy is going to do about the sea stone handcuffs blocking Law’s powers. As long as Law wears them, he will be killed by Doflamingo within seconds. Luffy, however, is sure they will sort this out along the way. Kelly, meanwhile, has led the group on Ucy’s back to a tunnel. Kelly plans to guard the entrance while the Straw Hat and his companions advance. Jeet and Abdullah thank Kelly for his help, not paying attention to the low entrance Ucy is running through. They forget to pull their heads in, fall off the ox, and lose consciousness. Luffy doesn’t want to waste any time and rides on.

Tunnel: Law’s Den-den Mushi starts ringing and Luffy picks up. On the other end, Robin answers, still on the plateau. She has also found the key to Law’s handcuffs, which she plans to give to Luffy on level 4. Leo explains that he and Kabu will escort Robin, Bartolomeo, and Rebecca and get them there as soon as possible. Luffy thanks him and ends the conversation. Meanwhile, outside the tunnel, some allies approach Kelly and can’t believe his plan worked. Kelly calls Luffy an idiot because once he reaches the dead end, he will kill him to get the prize money.

Old King’s Plateau: Usopp asks the dwarves how they are going to transport three people. Kabu then summons the yellow rhinoceros beetles, the air force of the dwarf kingdom. Shortly after, a small swarm of little yellow beetles appear. Rebecca, Robin, and Bartolomeo have their reservations about this, as it seems impossible that such small beetles could transport an entire human. Leo hands each of them two strings, each with four beetles hanging from it. Without further explanation, he throws the three off the plateau shortly after. The beetles then begin to fly, significantly slowing the friends’ fall. Although the beetles are unable to fly, they are able to push off from one roof to the next and thus glide up to level 4.

Smile Factory: Franky has trouble hitting Señor Pink, as he avoids all attacks with his swimming powers. Meanwhile, the dwarves are also on the scene, led by Inhel and Wicca.

Pica Statue: Zoro doesn’t seem to have much trouble fending off Pica’s sword attacks. Pica again uses his devil powers to attack Zoro from multiple sides at once, which Zoro is able to fend off. In the process, the swordsman has apparently discovered how Pica’s powers work.

Tunnel: Kelly thinks that the Straw Hat must have reached the end of the tunnel and now wants to go after him. Suddenly, someone appears behind him and finishes off both him and his two companions. Meanwhile, Luffy, Law, and Ucy have reached a dead end that is half filled with water. With Ucy already swimming more than standing, the cop panics. Suddenly, they hear someone approaching them. It is Donquixote Doflamingo.

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