One Piece Episode 687


Level 3 of the new King’s Plateau: Dellinger is shocked to see that the Gladiator Alliance has managed to climb up to Level 1 by now, even though the first level was supposed to be protected by thousands of marines as well as the Vice Admirals and Admiral Fujitora himself. Nevertheless, the gladiators manage to reach the first level and repel all enemies. Further, the officers of the Donquixote Pirates receive word that the Straw Hat is already on level 1 and is also inexorably approaching the next level. Lao G is disappointed that the henchmen can’t even manage to stop at least a single one of their attackers. Baby 5, meanwhile, has spotted the marines. These are stopped by a single man.

Dress Rosa’s streets: The marines are stopped by a wall of fire. Sabo stands in front of it and behind him several soldiers lie defeated on the ground. Fujitora kindly asks him to step aside again, but the revolutionary refuses. Sabo explains that he cannot allow anyone to interfere with the Straw Hat Pirates or their allies. Fujitora asks when it became the Revolutionary’s job to protect pirates. Sabo responds by explaining that he wouldn’t be doing this as a revolutionary, but as a big brother. The low ranking marines start pointing their guns at Sabo. Bastille gives the order not to shoot, since Sabo is out of their league. But when Sabo proves him right and provokes them some more, the lowly soldiers panic and shoot at Sabo with everything they have. He, on the other hand, doesn’t mind thanks to his devilish powers. He also parries further attacks with ease. He attacks the soldiers with his hook-enhanced hands, which he calls claws, and thus destroys their weapons one after the other. Finally, he finishes it with a fire fist attack, whereupon now more soldiers lie defeated behind him.

Before any more soldiers face a pointless fight, Vice Admiral Bastille orders them to stay behind. He finds it terrible that such a powerful devil fruit has fallen into the hands of the number 2 revolutionaries, and now wants to face Sabo himself. The Vice Admiral attacks several times with his massive sword, but Sabo is able to dodge each attack, with several buildings in the background taking a beating for it. Bastille plans to defeat Sabo along with his claws, but Sabo ends up stopping the final attack with his fingers, explaining that his claws are those of a dragon, filled with power. No sooner said than he breaks the blade of Bastille’s sword and grabs its head. Sabo goes on to explain that he has so much power in his claws that he could crush a human skull like an egg. Before he makes good on his threat, enough is enough for the Admiral, whereupon he once again pulls a meteor out of orbit. However, as it hits Doflamingo’s birdcage, the meteor shatters into several slices, which then land in Dress Rosa. Fujitora apologizes to his men for his mistake and doesn’t want to use this technique again under these circumstances, while also hoping that no civilians were harmed by his mistake.

Sabo emerges from some flames and is impressed by the Admiral’s power. He holds Bastille’s helmet in his hands and destroys it with a grip of his fingers. Behind him, the marines see the defeated Vice Admiral lying there. Fujitora returns to the question he asked earlier. Since Ace was Luffy’s adopted brother, he inquires if Sabo is also one of them. Sabo confirms this and states that no matter where he is, he would immediately leave his post to rush to Luffy’s aid should he be in trouble. After all, he never wants to have to go through the same thing he did when Ace died. Fujitora realizes there’s no point in asking any more questions, and gets ready to fight. Sabo feels the gravity suddenly increase since the Admiral drew his sword. He readies himself as well and charges towards the Admiral, thinking to protect his little brother no matter what.

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