One Piece Episode 686


After the Gladiator Alliance notices that Pica’s massive body hasn’t moved since he lost his head, they want to take the chance to get to the new King’s Place unhindered. The henchmen of the Donquixote pirate gang have no chance of stopping the group and are literally overrun.

King’s Square, Level 3: The officers of the pirate gang receive word of their henchmen’s losses and that the enemy group is closing in. Lao G says that they have nothing to fear for now, as the entrance to Level 1 is guarded by the Navy, led by Fujitora. Baby 5 looks around with binoculars and reports that there are currently four groups rushing towards them. The first consists of the Coliseum fighters, the second of Kyros, the third of Zoro, who is currently fighting Pica, and the fourth and final group is led by Luffy and Law. Baby 5 asks where Señor Pink is at the moment. Machvise then explains that he has turned his attention back to Franky.

Smile Factory: Franky has reached the factory, but is prevented from destroying it by Señor Pink.

Streets of Dress Rosa: Kyros doesn’t blame the civilians for wanting to turn him over to Doflamingo to end the Birdcage Game. He puts his sword away for now and declares that he will not surrender regardless. He wants to defeat Doflamingo and leaps over his henchmen towards the new King’s Square.

Pica Statue: Zoro fights Pica, whose sword blows are all deflected by Zoro. On the back of the statue, the bull Ucy slides straight to the first level of King’s Square with Jeet, Abdullah, Law and Luffy. Abdullah and Jeet are worried about Zoro, to which Luffy explains that this is unfounded. Law, meanwhile, explains that he has decided to fight Doflamingo. While his original plan was to take out Doflamingo through Kaidou, he wants to take out the Samurai of the Seas himself. He bases this on the loss of a man Doflamingo took from him thirteen years ago. A man, moreover, he looked up to and who saved his life. His name was Corazón, former commander-in-chief of the Donquixote pirate gang and Doflamingo’s little brother.

King’s Plateau: Bartolomeo searches for Luffy, but does not find him. Robin and Usopp are not surprised by this. Leo, meanwhile, notices Pica’s massive stone statue and the changed landscape of the land. Before the king can comment, Viola arrives and announces that she has finally recovered the key to Law’s handcuffs. Rebecca and the dwarves are happy to see her again. King Riku asks why Viola wants to help the pirates. Viola confirms this and reminds her father of Doflamingo’s cruel rule over the land. Still, he is under the protection of the World Government, which has appointed him Samurai of the Seas. The World Government and the Navy do not seem to hear the cries and screams of anger and fear from this country. Because of this, Viola refuses to help the World Government or the Navy and puts all her faith in a group of pirates. King Riku then recalls how Luffy promised to defeat Doflamingo and stated that he cannot look the other way while this country is being so tormented by Doflamingo. Leo and the dwarves then present Usopp to King Riku, whom they hail as their hero for freeing the toys and risking his own life in the process. Usopp is also one of the Straw Hats, which is why the dwarves trust the pirate gang. Rebecca decides to deliver the key to Law’s handcuffs, as she doesn’t want to just sit around, but be useful. Bartolomeo decides to accompany her so he can see Luffy again. Leo and Kabu also want to come along, explaining that the best way is across the rooftops. The rest of the dwarves want to help Franky with the Smile factory.

King’s Square, Level 1: Ucy has now reached the level, whereupon several enemies gather. Luffy fends off the fire and is glad to be the first to arrive on the level, as this has increased his chance to defeat Doflamingo first as well.

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