One Piece Episode 685


Elizabello II and Don Chinjao’s joint attack destroyed Pica’s arm. Meanwhile, Luffy, who is riding Ucy with Zoro and Law, tries to get rid of Jeet and Abdullah, who have also climbed on the bull and want to help the Straw Hat. However, several henchmen of the Donquixote pirate gang stand in the way of the Straw Hat and his group. These are beaten back by Sai, Boo, Ideo, Orlumbus, Hajrudin and Cavendish. On the way to the king’s palace, Luffy and his followers are still arguing over who will get Doflamingo’s head in the end.

Pica has targeted the Alliance again and attacks them with his remaining arm. The King of Prodense and Don Chinjao want to attack again, but Zoro points out to them that this is just a waste of energy as long as they don’t know how to damage Pica’s real body, since the stone man can always regrow his stone body parts. The group is able to avoid the blow, but the fighters lose sight of each other. Pica goes for the next blow, with everyone looking around for the missing Luffy. Eventually, Hajrudin tracks him down. Luffy, Zoro, Law, Jeet, and Abdullah ride up together on Pica’s arm for a shortcut to King’s Square. Pica finds the group riding on his arm. The massive stone colossus regrows his broken stone arm to crush the Straw Hat and his fellow soldiers with it. While Jeet and Abdullah panic, Luffy jumps off the bull and destroys Pica’s head with a Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum. The massive stone head shatters and the other arm stops his attack shortly after.

Admiral Fujitora learns that the Coliseum fighters have joined the Straw Hat. The admiral then calls Vice Admiral Bastille via Den-den Mushi and tells him about it. The Vice Admiral is concerned, but Fujitora sees this as an advantage for them. The admiral then orders all troops to rendezvous at the foot of the new royal palace. Meanwhile, Kyros also tries to make his way to the royal palace, but is attacked by civilians who want to hand him over to Doflamingo to end Doflamingo’s cruel game. Meanwhile, Robin’s group has almost made it to the plateau of the old royal palace. Their pursuers also climb up the net and even reach Rebecca. Robin, however, is able to use her powers to push the pursuers off the net, whereupon Bartolomeo only becomes more enthralled with Robin. After the group reaches the top, Robin unties the net and the attackers fall.

Luffy has landed next to Ucy. Zoro explains that Luffy did not destroy Pica himself, but only his empty stone shell. Pica had jumped to safety in time. The swordsman locates Pica, who appears before them moments later with his human body emerging from the ground. Pica draws his sword and attacks the bull, who is unable to slow down in time. Luffy grabs Ucy beforehand and jumps over the sword with him. Zoro jumps off the bull and fends off another attack from Pica. Jeet and Abdullah are heavily impressed by their god Usopp’s friends. Zoro declares that he would take care of Pica while they should move on.

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