One Piece Episode 683


Luffy, Zoro, and Law have run into Admiral Fujitora, who stands in their way. Luffy demands that he step aside, but the admiral refuses. Seeing no other choice, Luffy puts Law aside and attacks the admiral.

Palace: Doflamingo gets a report that Fujitora and Luffy are fighting each other, which pleases the Samurai of the Seas. Suddenly, an extremely high-pitched voice reports in, saying that if Doflamingo allows it, she can take down the Navy and the pirates in one fell swoop. The voice came from Pica. That the tall, muscular pirate has such a high-pitched voice is found comical by many of the henchmen, but they stifle a laugh due to his temperament. Doflamingo explains to Pica that this game is also a sort of choice for the people, whether to side with the Doflamingo family or the Riku family. However, Pica just finds this annoying. A new one among the henchmen then can’t take it anymore and bursts out laughing when he hears Pica’s voice again. The latter then wants to bury him under rocks. Before Pica can put them all in danger, however, Baby 5 shoots the henchman himself, with the excuse that only the man’s family should bury him. Pica then calms down, while all the other henchmen are left laughing. Doflamingo then explains that he himself lost his mother at eight and shot his father himself at ten. Furthermore, every member of his gang of the rank of officer, or higher, is like a family member to him, with whom he has been through thick and thin. His gang is the only family he has left. He will therefore not allow anyone to laugh at any member of that family, and will punish most severely those who do.

Colosseum: Robin’s group has made it to the Colosseum by now and wants to climb on its roof to the former King’s Plateau, which has been moved to the Colosseum by Pica’s change of the surroundings. However, as they continue to be pursued by many money-hungry people, Hack stays behind to keep them at bay. Bartolomeo also does his best to fend off the attackers with his barriers.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Dress Rosa, Luffy and Zoro continue to fight the Admiral, who keeps trying to use his devil powers to increase gravity to trap his opponents, but they manage to escape. Dellinger and Machvise believe they are no longer needed and head back to the palace, Dellinger noticing that Senor Pink is gone. Machvise thinks he knows he has surely gone to defeat Franky.

Colosseum: Robin and her companions have made it to the highest level of the Colosseum, but the wall of the King’s Plateau is far too steep to climb. Robin then uses her devil powers and creates a web of arms for them to use. Bartolomeo and Hack follow shortly after. As Rebecca is about to climb up the net, she is besieged by more attackers. However, they can be fought off by the tank Lepanto, who has come to protect Rebecca. Violet, meanwhile, has found the key to Law’s handcuffs and, with her powers, sees that Rebecca and Tank will soon be with them, much to King Riku’s delight.

Dump: Kinemon ends up in the dump where the gladiators of the tournament were once held. He meets some people who are still stuck there and were once toys. He asks them if they know where his friend Kanjuro is, when suddenly an earthquake shakes the room.

The quake is felt all over the island. A huge statue grows out of the ground, which has whole parts of the city in it. The statue takes shape after some time and it is revealed to be Pica. Everyone is shocked at first to see the massive stone giant, until it starts talking and threatening to kill all the rebels. The Straw Hat Captain can’t help but laugh out loud at its extremely high-pitched and inappropriate voice. Luffy laughs loud enough for Pica to overhear. Although some of Doflamingo’s henchmen ask Luffy to stop laughing, as it is not good for Pica to be irritated in this way, Luffy has to continue laughing until Pica goes on the attack. Both the members of the Doflamingo family and the navy then move to safety. Luffy picks Law up again and runs off with him and Zoro, who also has to laugh a bit at Pica’s voice. However, it seems impossible to escape Pica’s giant hand in time, especially when Luffy and Law accidentally get stuck on some debris. All that can be seen is the stone giant’s fist crashing down and Zoro being thrown away by the shockwave of the attack.

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