One Piece Episode 681


Dress Rosa: All over the island, people are trying to escape the birdcage that Doflamingo placed over the island. However, the threads of the cage are strong enough to withstand swords and disintegrate cannonballs before they explode. Further, much of the population inside the cage is controlled by Doflamingo’s threads. Doflamingo is deliciously amused by the situation and explains via video Den-den Mushi that even contact with neighboring countries is impossible, as even the Den-den Mushi signal now only works inside the bird cage.

Underground Port: Kinemon has reached Robin & Co. and brings the injured dwarves to their comrades at Usopp. Bartolomeo, meanwhile, is overjoyed to have met both Robin and Sogeking aka Usopp.

By now, many people of Dress Rosa have already understood what happened to King Riku and the soldiers ten years ago. Doflamingo explains via video Den-den Mushi that there are only two ways to end this “game” prematurely. The first way would be to defeat him, the second would be to side with the Donquixote family and capture the following twelve people who rebelled against him and forced him to do so. For each star he awards to the people, Doflamingo will offer a reward of 100 million berries. The people with only one star are: Rebecca, Robin, Kinemon, Viola aka Violet and Franky. The people with two stars are Kyros and Zoro. The people who are the key characters and leaders of the groups according to Doflamingo, with three stars: Sabo, Luffy, Law and King Riku. To top it off, Doflamingo has also offered a reward of 500 million berries to the person who forced him to do this. The talk is of Usopp, who along with the dwarves is deeply shocked at this development. Some former toys then discover Usopp and the others and want to finish them off immediately in order to get the reward. Usopp and his companions are forced to retreat for the time being. Kinemon separates from the group to continue searching for his friend Kanjuro and jumps into a hole that leads to the underground garbage dump.

Streets of Dress Rosa: Civilians don’t know what to do. Now that they know of King Riku’s innocence, they don’t want to do him any further wrong. But they believe that their chances against Doflamingo himself are too bad, as he has too many men on his side, so they have to capture the twelve people by necessity.

Toy House: Dellinger is pleased that they have already caught one of the twelve people. However, he only now notices that Franky has taken advantage of the commotion to escape in the meantime.

Franky runs through the streets and heads for the Smile factory to destroy it.

Meanwhile, at the toy house, Diamante and Trébol receive instructions from their captain to return to the palace.

Underground Port: Robin and her companions race to the surface, as the Smile factory that has been raised to the surface has created a way out. Bartolomeo, meanwhile, fends off the pursuers with his barriers. At the same time, Robin gets a call via Den-den Mushi from Zoro and Luffy. Luffy gets upset with Doflamingo and his game, while also worrying about Rebecca since she is also on the wanted list. Rebecca then reports to the Den-den Mushi and explains that she is fine. Luffy is delighted and goes to get the former toy soldier at the Den-den Mushi, but Kyros has already rushed off to the palace to finish off Doflamingo. When Rebecca asks who the toy soldier turned into, Luffy tells her that he was really her father. Rebecca is on the verge of tears, but Luffy admonishes her. He apologizes that she couldn’t win the Fire Fruit and promises to defeat Doflamingo instead.

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