One Piece Episode 679


Corrida Colosseum, Underground Harbor: After Lucy destroys the ring, he and Rebecca end up in the Underground Harbor. Koala has jumped in after them to give their comrade his stuff. As they land on some rooftops of warehouses, Koala warns her comrade to be careful not to go into the water again, as he is now a Devil Fruit user.

The former enslaved fighters want to fulfill Usopp’s wish and destroy the factory that is behind him. Trébol cannot allow this, takes Sugar and disappears. Robin has hidden behind some rubble and is watching this, as are Koala and her comrades who are also heading for the factory.

Factory: From behind some rubble emerges Jesus Burgess, who is angry that he fell for a con man posing as a straw hat. Diamante, who has used his devil powers to make himself foldable like a piece of cloth, emerges from some rubble. Suddenly, he is discovered by some former toys who want to eliminate him and the factory. Diamante reverts to his human form and stands in their way.

In a distant alley, Hack waits for Koala and Lucy, who are just arriving. Koala hands Lucy his clothes and looks around. Rebecca never thought something like this could be under the Coliseum. Bartolomeo joins them shortly after, complaining that they didn’t take him with them. Rebecca, meanwhile, realizes that her opponent in the finale really wasn’t the Lucy she knew. The latter confirms this and reveals himself to be Sabo, Tactical Director of the Revolutionaries. Koala and Hack are also Revolutionaries, whereupon Rebecca suspects one behind the first Lucy as well. However, Sabo denies this and explains that he is his little brother, a pirate with a bounty of 400 million berries and the future king of pirates, Straw Hat Luffy. Sabo comes up with some childhood memories and says Luffy hasn’t changed much and is still a nice guy, albeit a bit of a slob. Koala comments that Sabo would be no less than his brother in that regard. Rebecca is puzzled as to why the revolutionaries came to this country in the first place. Hack then destroys a nearby crate containing several weapons. Dozens of wars are supplied with weapons from here, which is why the revolutionaries would have tried to break up the black market several times, but since all the ones they sent were turned into toys, they never got to make any progress. Still, the weapons are only sold here, manufactured in another place unknown to them. Meanwhile, the group is observed by some of Doflamingo’s henchmen, who immediately report to their captain that Sabo, the number 2 revolutionary, is on the island.

Toy House: While the officers are distracted because of the chaos on the street, Franky takes advantage of this to sneak away.

Underground Port, Elevator: Kinemon, still disguised as Doflamingo, has made it to the elevator and in the meantime picked up Wicca, Kabu and the other defeated dwarves from the palace. However, no sooner do they arrive at the underground port than they are attacked by some former toys, believing they are facing the real Doflamingo. Kinemon is able to get to safety in time and wonders about this behavior. Wicca understands that this means Operation SOP was a success and advises Kinemon to change back.

Underground Port: Robin meets the revolutionaries and is warmly welcomed by Koala. Bartolomeo is blown away to see another member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Robin also immediately introduces her friend Usopp, who is lying half unconscious on the ground. Bartolomeo then starts to wonder, since he doesn’t know any wanted posters with Usopp’s name on them. He concludes that Usopp must be Sogeking, whereupon his euphoria can hardly be stopped.

Palace, Throne Room: Doflamingo’s henchmen attack Kyros, who manages to defeat them all. Buffalo then tries to blow this one away, but Kyros manages to grab him and throw him out the window against a tower. Baby 5 seeks revenge for Buffalo and fights Kyros next, but is slammed into the nearest wall during the direct showdown. Luffy joins in to free Law with Viola, who has the key to Law’s sea stone handcuffs. Gladius joins them shortly after as well, and is startled to see the situation in the throne room. Kyros, meanwhile, has also freed former King Riku. Meanwhile, Luffy tries to free Law, but it is difficult as he is weakened as soon as he approaches the handcuffs with the key. Law tries to make it clear that he has dissolved the alliance between their two pirate gangs, making them rivals and enemies once again, but Luffy ignores this and wants to free him anyway. Suddenly they hear a weird laugh, which gets louder and louder, coming from Doflamingo’s head. A spike suddenly emerges from the ground, with Pica’s face forming on it. Doflamingo’s head explains that the situation on the island is really bad. The toys have been liberated, he says, and the revolutionaries have now interfered. He has no choice but to use the birdcage anymore. Law is startled when he hears this.

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