One Piece Episode 678


Palace, Throne Room: After Kyros manages to decapitate Doflamingo, Buffalo tries to attack him, but is held back by his sword. Luffy is jealous, as he wanted to defeat Doflamingo, but he doesn’t have time to sulk for long, as his and Violet’s hideout has been found by Doflamingo’s henchmen. Luffy then jumps into the throne room with Violet to take advantage of the confusion and free Law.

Corrida Colosseum: Gatz cannot explain the situation, as suddenly all the toys in the stands have become human or animal. Diamante interprets this as Trébol’s failure and is sure that Sugar must be unconscious. Rebecca, meanwhile, bursts into tears as she remembers her father again. Lucy explains to Rebecca that this is part of the dark core of this country. He plans to reveal another part of the core and blasts the ring with an attack of his two hands. After the attack, as the water flows to the center of the ring in a massive whirlpool and the Coliseum begins to shake, the audience is evacuated. In the process, Lucy discovers the struggling fish carrying the chest containing the Devil’s Fruit. With Bartolomeo just trying to hold onto the debris to avoid falling into the water, Rebecca clinging to him, and Burgess and Diamante having already fallen into the water, the last finalist has a clear path. He uses another struggling fish as a jumping point to get to the fish with the fire fruit. He opens the chest and then jumps onto the last stable remaining in the ring to show that he has won the tournament. Gatz, who has remained, then declares Lucy the winner of the tournament. He immediately celebrates his victory by biting into his prize, the fire fruit. When Rebecca is about to fall into the water, Lucy saves her and jumps into the air shortly afterwards. He takes off his disguise and is about to test out his new power. With a fire fist he destroys the rest of the ring, attacking going all the way into the ground and even destroying the foundation of the ring.

Underground Port, moments before: Trébol is angry at the dwarves and Usopp. Robin wants to confront Trébol and asks the dwarves to carry Usopp away, which they do immediately. But the fight between Robin and Trébol is abruptly stopped when Hajrudin gets between them. He takes Usopp from the dwarves and sees his injuries. He thanks Usopp for his hard fight. Usopp asks the giant to lay him down again, as every muscle hurts at the moment. But only single syllables come out of his mouth, forming a completely different sentence. Hajrudin then holds Usopp by both arms and presents him to the other former prisoners as their savior. Again, Usopp asks to be lowered, but his scraps of words become “I will lead you.” Shortly after, the ceiling collapses behind them, which is why the finalists of the Coliseum also fall into the Underground Harbor. Due to the now penetrating rays of light, Usopp shines with a heavenly glow. For the former prisoners, it is thus clear that they have witnessed a miracle and that Usopp is a heaven-sent savior, whereupon they dub him “God Usopp” and are willing to follow him anywhere. They then ask their new leader what they can do for him. Usopp has regained more of his consciousness and is now able to speak complete sentences again. When asked, Usopp asks for the destruction of the Smile factory and the liberation of the remaining dwarves, which the former pirates and criminals are too eager to do.

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