One Piece Episode 677


Underground Port: Usopp’s distorted grimace knocked Sugar out. Every living toy transforms back into its true form. Via Den-den Mushi, Trébol tearfully informs Doflamingo of his failure. The Samurai of the Seas quickly loses his smile when he hears that the slaves they spent ten years collecting are returning to normal.

Colosseum: The toys among the spectators also transform back one by one, whereupon the people also remember the ones they had forgotten. Some toys also transform into wild animals.

Palace, throne room: Doflamingo receives distress calls from all over the island. In the south of the island, the toys have become pirates who are now rampaging there. In the east, the toys have become former soldiers of Dress Rosa. Further, world government agents, marines, politicians from other countries, and even more wild animals are appearing all over the island.

Dress Rosa, Streets: The toy dog Onepoko that Franky and the toy soldier encountered also transforms back into his old form, after which his wife and son are able to remember him and his real name Milo. All over the island, people find each other again and rejoice in their human form.

Palace: Pica has abandoned his fight against Zoro and disappeared, which annoys the swordsman.

Underground Port: The dwarves thank Usopp in tears. Due to his injuries, they believe he is dead and mourn the loss of their hero. However, Usopp was only unconscious for a short time and says that everything went according to plan and the rest can now be left to his friends, as the real battle has only just begun. The dwarves are overjoyed that Usopp is still alive.

Dress Rosa: The joy of people becoming themselves again, or those who can remember their forgotten lovers, fades as quickly as it came and turns to bottomless anger at Doflamingo and his henchmen. When Milo finds a henchman who has been constantly tormenting him at night in the underground harbor, he immediately beats him to the ground. The pirates attack all of Doflamingo’s men in order to get revenge on them. The woman Esta remembers her lover boyfriend and a man remembers that he is actually married. His wife is angry at Doflamingo because she was forgotten for ten years because of him, which is why her husband flirted with other women. More and more people are calling for Doflamingo’s downfall and enlightening other residents who still believe he was a good king about his misdeeds. The navy, on the other hand, is unsettled. Admiral Fujitora finds the island’s dark history more unexpected than he thought.

Underground Port: The former tournament participants have also begun attacking Doflamingo’s men in the meantime.

Palace, Throne Room: Doflamingo is furious and wonders how this could have happened. Meanwhile, King Riku, Violet, and Rebecca regain their memories of Kyros because he is also transforming back. Immediately, the latter grabs his sword and charges at Doflamingo. Luffy wonders about the toy soldier’s whereabouts, whereupon Violet enlightens him about Kyros, including his statue in the Coliseum and his relationship with Rebecca. Kyros, meanwhile, has reached the surprised Doflamingo. King Riku asks if it’s really him, which Kyros confirms. He apologizes for taking ten years, but now he has come to free King Riku and bring back the true Dress Rosa. At the same moment, he cuts off Doflamingo’s head, shocking everyone present.

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