One Piece Episode 676


Flashback, ten years earlier: From the Mound of Flowers, Kyros and his family see the kingdom in flames and many people cry out in terror. Kyros decides to run to the palace to check on things. Scarlet and Rebecca are told to wait for him in the red flower field in case they are attacked.

Palace: When Kyros reaches the palace, the sign of Donquixote Doflamingo is already at the gate, but the former commander of the army still bangs on the gates that one should open for him. Behind the gates Machvise, Buffalo, Gladius, Viola as well as Mone are already waiting for him. Viola assures Kyros that her father is well, while Mone wants to lead him to the new king. Kyros doesn’t understand, but accompanies Mone to find King Riku. After Kyros leaves the room, Viola asks that her brother-in-law be spared as well, to which Machvise explains that Doflamingo has given his word as long as Kyros is useful to them as well.

After Kyros has been brought into a large room, several people pounce on Kyros. The latter is chained to a pillar with a sea stone chain during the scuffle. Behind the curtain that lifts, it is revealed that Doflamingo is pointing a sword at King Riku. Kyros is irritated and tries to break his leg chain, which is too sturdy. Doflamingo explains that he is the new king, since King Riku attacked his own people. Now Doflamingo demands Kyro’s loyalty, having heard of Kyro’s strength. Further, he prophesies that the royal family will soon cease to exist at all, as all members will be killed, even Scarlet and Kyros’ daughter Rebecca, to whom Doflamingo has already sent his men. As Doflamingo then tries to decapitate King Riku with a sword, Kyros cuts off his leg. He lunges at Doflamingo, intending to cut off the latter’s head first. However, Sugar jumps in between and turns Kyros into a one-legged toy soldier, who then falls to the ground. Since everyone present has forgotten who the person in front of them is, Kyros uses the confusion to free the king and escape with him.

When they are safe, Cyrus tries to make the king understand who he is. But the king does not remember the name Kyros. Nevertheless, he is grateful to him and wants to remember the courage of the toy, whereupon the king, disguised with a cloak, goes off alone. Kyros, on the other hand, runs back home, where he fends off the henchmen who are after his family. However, he has also lost track of his family. Before he can go to the rendezvous point, he hears gunshots coming from the city. Someone has shot his wife Scarlet, who has just done some shopping. The toy soldier runs to her, but she doesn’t recognize him. She asks him to give the groceries to her daughter, as she is hungry. Kyros cannot believe that this is to be his last meeting with his beloved wife. He can’t even feel her through his tin body anymore. Full of despair, Kyros is overcome with emotion, unable to shed even a tear as a toy.

Present: Lost in thoughts of the past, Violet is able to shake the toy soldier awake again. She notes that they can’t wait much longer, as their pursuers have almost caught up with them. Kyros then wonders if they should attack Doflamingo already.

Gladius is already on his way to the top floor with his troops.

Toy House: Together, Dellinger, Machvise and Señor Pink have managed to defeat Franky. Franky hopes that Usopp will manage to take out Sugar soon.

Corrida Colosseum: While Burgess fights Lucy, Bartolomeo protects Rebecca from Diamante. But the latter knows how to hit Rebecca in another way and reveals to her that he is her mother’s murderer.

Underground Port: Usopp fights Trébol with all his might. The toys working in the harbor hear the sounds of battle and hope for Usopp’s victory. Cavendish vows that when he is human again, he will leave the Straw Hats alone in gratitude. But Usopp loses the fight and is pinned to the ground by Trébol. Sugar wants to give Usopp the coup de grace and gives him the Tatababasco bullet, which she believes is a bullet full of poison. After Usopp is forced to swallow the bullet, he suddenly starts screaming loudly and his features derail violently. The sudden sight of this grimace frightens Sugar so much that she faints, to everyone’s surprise.

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