One Piece Episode 674


Underground Port: Robin has turned into a doll and all the dwarves lie defeated on the ground. Sugar finds the Tatababasco orb shortly after and pockets it. Robin knows that Usopp is her only hope now, but no matter where she looks, she can’t find him.

Toy House: With the marines having no chance against Franky, Dellinger now intervenes and kicks the cyborg against the nearest wall. The Marine orders Franky to surrender, but he refuses. Franky knows he is needed, but if he runs off to his friends now, he would lead all enemies to them. He hopes that Usopp can make it on his own.

Palace, near the throne room: Violet turns pale as she checks on the dwarves with her devil powers. She explains that they were all defeated by Trébol. Luffy asks if any of his crew aren’t with them. Violet confirms that there is. Before she can mention what’s going on with Usopp, however, Luffy says that Usopp can be trusted.

Underground Port: Usopp walks past some guards until he is far enough away, then runs away in a panic. Using excuses, Usopp tries to justify his cowardice to himself. He plans to run to the nearest elevator to escape from there. Trébol shouts over Den-den Mushi to the workers to keep working, as the show would be over. Suddenly, the dwarves start reciting the name of their hero Lysoland over and over. Trébol has forgotten to put on the Den-den Mushi and asks Leo who it is supposed to be. Leo then explains that he is their hero who has promised to help the enslaved toys, the enslaved dwarves, the toys on the surface, and the humans who have forgotten their loved ones. He will save them all. Trébol, however, can only laugh at this. He tells the dwarves that this Lysoland was surely just lying, since he hasn’t shown up yet. Some of the dwarves then lose hope, but Leo stands up and yells at Trébol to shut up, since their hero wouldn’t tell lies. For Usopp, each step gets harder the longer he has to listen to it. Trébol wants to shut Leo up and decides to step on him quite easily. Amused by his death cry, Trébol literally stomps on one dwarf after another.

Usopp then changes direction and takes off his disguise. Again and again he hears another dwarf cry out over the Den-den Mushi, until he reappears on the scene. He shouts for them to stop. All the dwarves are glad to see him, but Usopp can’t understand why they still believe in him. Usopp yells that he is not a hero or descendant of Noland, but the archer of the Straw Hat Pirates and therefore a pirate. A world comes crashing down for Leo, whereupon tears come to his eyes. Now that the dwarves’ last hope has been taken away, everyone begins to weep bitterly. Trébol is deliciously amused that Usopp has only come back to tell the dwarves this. Usopp explains that if he hadn’t, the dwarves would have waited for him until death. Besides, Usopp wouldn’t have been able to look at himself in the mirror anymore, so he has decided to become their new legendary hero from now on. He asks the dwarves to build him a statue next to Noland’s if he doesn’t survive this and attacks Trébol.

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