One Piece Episode 672


Underground Port: In a fit of rage, Trébol threw an entire ship at the commander’s tower.

Palace: Luffy and Violet continue to charge down the lower hallways, with Pica trying to stop them several times. Luffy is able to break anything he throws at them. Violet is worried about Zoro, but Luffy is sure he’ll be fine.

Corrida Colosseum: Rebecca tries to attack Diamante and strikes with her sword for the first time. However, although she hits, nothing happens. As Diamante notes, Rebecca is using a blunt sword. He lectures the young gladiator that if she herself is unable to shed blood in the ring, her own will flow. He then strikes her down with a club coming out of his cuff. As Rebecca lies on the ground, Lucy gives Bartolomeo the order to protect Rebecca. Diamante inquires if Rebecca knows the cause of her mother’s death. Diamante was there and finds that the toy soldier cried like a baby after it happened.

Underground Port: Some pirates are shocked by Trébol’s action. Robin, meanwhile, is tending to Usopp, who is just coming to. Robin tells him that the dwarves have been captured. All the dwarves have been glued to a man-sized mountain of glue by Trébol. When Trébol asks who the dwarves are working with, Leo won’t tell. When Trébol says that the person is a good friend of his, but he can’t remember his name, Leo accidentally asks if he means Lysoland. Trébol then exposes his lie. Sugar suspects the toy soldier as the mastermind, which Leo also reveals after lying again. Leo is nonetheless convinced their mission will succeed. Sugar then walks away while Trébol explains that his glue is also flammable. He throws a lighter at the pile of glue, causing it to explode. After the smoke clears, Robin and Usopp search for the dwarves scattered in all directions. In the process, Usopp finds Leo pinned under rubble and advises him to retreat. But Leo refuses, as they must complete the mission to save their friends and assist their commander in defeating Doflamingo. Leo is sure that he can do it when he is human again, so he doesn’t think of giving up.

Palace: Kabu and the other dwarves are trying to protect the toy soldier from Lao G. The latter remembers the earlier morning.

Flashback, a few hours before the Straw Hat Pirates reaches Dress Rosa: The normal population on Dress Rosa is worried about the news that Doflamingo is resigning. The captured gladiators, Rebecca, and the dwarves, however, are happy to hear the news. In the hideout of the Flower Mound, the dwarves are about to celebrate that they will soon get their friends back, but the toy soldier has to inform them that the news was a hoax and thus the battle is not over. The dwarves are shocked. A little later, at the window of the Coliseum, Rebecca tells the Toy Soldier that she plans to enter the tournament for the Devil Fruit, and use it to kill Doflamingo. The toy soldier tries to dissuade her. But Rebecca explains that the captured gladiators have lost all hope of freedom now that they’ve learned it was fake news. No one would survive 1,000 battles to win their freedom. Rebecca thinks the statue and the legend of Kyros winning 3,000 out of 3,000 battles is a lie that was spread to make the gladiators think they had hope. Still, the toy soldier does not want her to enter the tournament. Furious, Rebecca counters that she doesn’t have to listen to him and that he doesn’t stand a chance against Doflamingo either, after all, he’s just a toy. Wordlessly, the toy soldier leaves Rebecca. The latter then realizes what she said and tries to apologize to him. She is just afraid for him, because she doesn’t want to lose him.

Present: The ground shifts due to Pica’s actions, which leaves Lao G momentarily puzzled. The dwarves take advantage of this moment. Kabu and Rampo get the toy soldier back on his leg and pull him off of it, while Baxcon, Nubon, and Daikon hold Lao G back. The Toy Soldier wants to help them, but Kabu explains that they were all willing to sacrifice their lives in the first place and the Toy Soldier is the only one who can stop Doflamingo.

Underground Port: Usopp doesn’t understand why Leo and the dwarves have so much faith in the toy soldier. In response, Leo explains that he was the first victim on Dress Rosa of Sugar’s devil powers, causing them to forget to make a contract. Because of this, he is the only toy who can go up against the Doflamingo family, making him the hope of the toys. Furthermore, it was he who enlightened the dwarves that their friends were enslaved and organized the resistance. For ten years the toy soldier had to carry the burden. Today, everyone has forgotten him, but when he was human, his name was known everywhere: Kyros, the strongest gladiator in Dress Rosa history.

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