One Piece Episode 670


Underground Port, Commander’s Tower: Usopp wants to catch a glimpse of Trébol. He observes Trébol being disturbed by a fly, whereupon he creates a drop of glue with his devil powers and shoots it behind him to hit the fly. This creates a hole in the wall, as the attack was quite strong, which in turn scares Usopp. Robin looks to see where the shot came to a stop. Even though this was overly remarkable, Leo thinks he can still manage to place the Tatababasco candy in Sugar’s basket since he’s faster than a fly. However, as soon as he starts running, Robin makes two hands grow out of the ground to hold Leo.

Colosseum: Jesus Burgess is attacked by a fighting fish, but he knocks it right into the stands of the Colosseum with an elbow strike, leaving a hole. Shortly after, another fighting fish comes to the surface wearing the number 01 and carrying the Devil Fruit in a box on its back. The finalists set their sights on the fish to get to the fruit, but it is accompanied by five other massive fish. They attack the finalists but are beaten back. Rebecca is attacked by the fish with the 01. She then tries to use her sword to break the chain that is around the fish and holds the chest with the devil fruit to the fish. But the chain is harder and Rebecca goes down after the attack. Lucy jumps on the fish to grab the chest, but is attacked by Diamante. He is able to deflect the attack and break Diamante’s sword. Shortly after, Burgess attacks with his elbow strike. Lucy is able to block this attack as well with a haki-boosted attack, destroying the armor on Burgess’ arm. Rebecca gets scared after seeing how strong her opponents are. Still, she promised Acilia to keep fighting and plans to keep that promise by attacking Diamante now.

Elevator to the King’s Palace: The toy soldier has just defeated the last henchmen who were in the elevator. Surprisingly, he is then slammed into a wall by Lao G. Kabu goes to attack this one, but is also defeated in a flash with just one punch. When the rest of the dwarves ask what an officer of the Doflamingo army is doing in the elevator, Lao G explains that he was actually going to the toy house to guard it. However, he took the wrong elevator.

Palace: Luffy is able to stop Pica’s attack with his gum-gum balloon before they are crushed by the walls. Zoro frees them from the predicament by destroying the walls. Pica then tries to bury them under stone walls several times, but all of Zoro and Luffy’s attacks can be stopped.

Kinemon has gone to the lower floors to get to the toy house. Wicca enlightens him that they would have had to get on the elevator for that, which is on the upper floors. So they wouldn’t have had to separate from the others at all. Kinemon wants to go back upstairs, but Wicca warns him, as the elevator will surely be well guarded. Kinemon then grabs a rock from the floor and puts on a disguise so he can remain undetected.

Toy House: Vice Admiral Bastille now wants to fight Franky personally and throws him against the nearest wall with only one sword blow. Dellinger has arrived in the meantime and is disappointed that the fight is already over. But Señor Pink warns Dellinger not to underestimate Franky. At that moment, the Cyborg gets back up as if nothing had happened and counters the attack with a Coup de Vent. Señor Pink then says that they can’t leave this fight to the Navy after all.

Palace: Pica once again gets in the way of Luffy and his companions. Zoro has had enough and decides to stay behind and take care of Pica while Violet and Luffy continue to charge forward.

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