One Piece Episode 668


Corrida Colosseum: The four finalists enter the fighting ring. Burgess still believes to have Luffy in front of him in the Lucy disguise and explains to him again that he will win the Fire Fruit for the Blackbeard Pirates. After Gatz briefly introduces all the finalists, Diamante, the commander of the Karo unit and hero of the Coliseum, appears in the ring. Some of Block D’s contestants also come running to the ring shortly after, not wanting to accept defeat to Rebecca. However, Diamante stands in front of them and explains that he doesn’t like sore losers ruining his event. He takes his cape and uses it to provoke his opponents, much like a bullfight, that they should attack him. When they attack him, their weapons break, as Diamante’s cape is actually a steel plate. He has eaten of the Flutter Fruit and can use it to transform anything, even his own body, into a foldable cloth-like material, giving it back its original properties. He demonstrates this on his sword and throws the gladiators out of the ring into the water. A massive fighting fish then appears. Diamante informs the audience about a special kind of fighting fish that are used especially for the finale. These representatives of their kind are significantly larger and much more aggressive, which is why they even attack the contestants while they are still in the ring. Furthermore, Diamante has strapped the prize, the fire fruit, to the back of one of the fish. The winner of this round is the one who manages to stay in the ring and get the fruit before the others.

Shortly after, Gatz opens up the finals and Jesus Burgess charges at Lucy. This one dodges and runs around on the far ring to get the attention of the fighting fish. One by one they attack, but none carry the Devil Fruit. Burgess tries to attack again, but is instead attacked himself by more fighting fish, whose attacks he must first stop.

Palace Square: Through Violet’s secret passage, Luffy and his companions have almost made it to the palace. Violet recommends taking another secret passage to save them unnecessary fighting and attention. However, Luffy smashes his way through the entrance with a Gomu Gomu no Giant Pistol and defeats almost all of the guards. As the attack causes a lot of noise, Violet explains that they’ve certainly been noticed now and the secret passage would now just be a detour. Luffy takes off his carp costume and runs ahead, followed by Violet, Zoro, and Kinemon.

Throne Room: Doflamingo is watching the tournament over a Den-den Mushi when he learns from his men that Straw Hat Luffy has entered the palace with Zoro and Violet. Completely annoyed, Doflamingo wonders who is fighting in the tournament as Lucy then.


  • Although a struggling fish has torn down one of the ring’s steel transition bridges, it is seen again in a scene shortly after.
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