One Piece Episode 667


Corrida Colosseum: Gatz tells the crowd that in the finals Lao G, Dellinger, Machvise and Señor Pink will not compete after all, but instead there will be a Battle Royale between the finalists and the hero of the Colosseum Diamante. Rebecca leaves the ring and sees many injured contestants from her block being treated or taken straight to the infirmary. She runs into Bartolomeo and Lucy in the hallway, but immediately realizes that this is not the same Lucy she knows. This one is aware of her backstory and things are about to get a little messy, but she shouldn’t worry.

King’s Plateau: Violet wants to help Luffy and his companions get into the palace, but advises against using the elevator because she has a pass for it, but the guards will check them and stop them once they find out who they are. Zoro remembers Violet because she was with Sanji. She explains that she was once part of Doflamingo’s crew, to which Wicca adds that she was just pretending to be loyal to him though. Violet is happy to see Wicca again after a long time. She has always kept an eye on the dwarves and her niece with her devil powers, and thanks them for continuing to believe in her father.

Toy House: Franky has made it inside the Toy House and continues to fight Doflamingo’s henchmen. Meanwhile, Machvise also intervenes in the fight and tries to jump on Franky, who is able to dodge. Franky uses his missiles against his enemies shortly after and even hits Senor Pink. The pirates are irritated as to why Senor Pink didn’t dodge with his powers, to which he explains that he doesn’t use his devil powers to escape from his opponent. However, as one of the other henchmen notes, Pink was actually protecting Machvise, who has not yet been able to get back up. Shortly after, the two officers are ready to fight again. Just now, the Navy appears with Vice Admiral Bastille, who has come to arrest Franky. Franky sees no other option but to fight the navy now as well.

Palace: Doflamingo thanks Fujitora for sending support to the Toy House. However, the latter says that the Samurai of the Seas should not take this the wrong way. They are not on the same side. Fujitora only sent additional troops to avoid civilian casualties. Since the Straw Hat is after Doflamingo, many civilians might be harmed in the process, which Fujitora wants to prevent, so he helps Doflamingo for now. Doflamingo then asks what Fujitora’s true intentions are. The Admiral replies that he wants to abolish The Seven Warlords of the Seas system, as it has already been exploited too many times. Doflamingo points out to him the balance between the Navy and the pirates, but even Fujitora cannot predict what will happen. Therefore, Doflamingo should also be careful with his actions before his bounty increases significantly again. Doflamingo attacks Fujitora with a kick, which is blocked by the latter’s sword. The admiral explains that they are not enemies for now, so they should still be friendly with each other. Fujitora mentions that this year is the Conference of Kings, so for better or worse, there will be changes.

Luffy learns that Violet was once a princess and is the daughter of King Riku, while she shows the trio a secret entrance to the palace that not even Doflamingo knows about. There they find another elevator that they can use.

Colosseum: Koala has also snuck in by now and made it in time to see the finale. The fighting ring is split into several parts before the opponents enter it. The first is the man who pretends to be Lucy and hopes that Ace is watching over him.

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