One Piece Episode 666


Corrida Colosseum: Gatz is still irritated due to the events in D Block. All of the competitors lie defeated on the floor, but someone manages to pick themselves up. After the smoke clears, Gatz recognizes Rebecca and declares her the winner of Block D. This draws many boos from the crowd. Only the injured gladiators in the cells are happy for Rebecca.

Outside the Colosseum: Vice Admiral Bastille, who has been following the events in the Colosseum via Den-den Mushi, can guess what happened and explains that this was the “sickle cut of Rommel”. Bastille informs his subordinates that some time ago in the kingdom of Rommel there were strange occurrences at night. A strange wind appeared and sliced anyone who came too close. When some marines went to investigate this, they also became victims of this wind. Further investigation revealed that these were the actions of a man who called himself Hakuba. This always appears wherever a certain pirate happens to be.

Corrida Colosseum: Rebecca looks slightly confused in Cavendish’s direction.

Flashback, five minutes earlier: Rebecca is in the middle of a fight against Suleiman when suddenly Cavendish gets between them. He now falls asleep in the middle of the ring, which causes some gladiators to take advantage of the situation and attack him. Cavendish’s face suddenly changes to a vicious grimace. He stands up and has disappeared. Due to his speed, no one can see him anymore as he slashes every participant in the ring with his sword. Only Rebecca is able to dodge in time, receiving only a head injury. Cavendish himself changes from his Hakuba persona back to his normal one and continues to sleep.

Present: Bastille explains to his men that Cavendish suffers from both sleepwalking and a split personality. His crimes were all committed by Hakuba, which is why he was forced to flee to the sea and become a pirate. Still, he enjoys the situation and the fame he has gained. However, Bastille urges caution, as Cavendish is already a good swordsman himself. Hakuba increases his strength once again significantly.

Corrida Colosseum: Even though everyone protests, Gatz declares Rebecca the winner of Block D, as she is the only one still standing. Bartolomeo and the man who dressed up as Lucy slowly make their way to prepare for the finals.

Toy House: Franky and Señor Pink are still fighting, though it’s hard for the cyborg to hit his opponent as he keeps diving into the ground.

Palace: Doflamingo is also watching the tournament and congratulates the former king Riku, who is in chains, on his granddaughter’s victory. Doflamingo inquires why Riku entered the tournament in the first place, since Violet has already betrayed him as well. Riku explains that he didn’t know anything about it. He participated in the tournament after hearing that Doflamingo’s resignation was just a hoax, again dashing hope for this country. Doflamingo assumes that Violet was hoping that Law and Luffy would defeat him. However, as he shows King Riku, Law is just barely alive and chained to the heart chair. Luffy, on the other hand, is still in the Coliseum and won’t get out of there easily either, and the rest of the Straw Hats will fall into his hands as well.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro and Kinemon have made it to the palace square and just need to take the elevator up. However, since it’s guarded, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that easy. But at that moment, Violet appears and offers her help.

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