One Piece Episode 661


Corrida Colosseum: Luffy has found Zoro and Kinemon and tries to talk to them through the window. Meanwhile, Bellamy has now found Luffy as well and wants to quickly stab him unnoticed so he can finally be made one of the officers of the Donquixote Pirates. But Bellamy hesitates and can’t do it, as the Straw Hat even sees him as a friend he cheered for during the tournament. Bellamy leaves again and runs into Dellinger shortly after. The latter says that it was clear that Bellamy was not up to the task. Doflamingo would have actually just been playing a nasty joke with this assignment as well, as he never really wanted Bellamy to continue following him. Dellinger has been given the task of eliminating Bellamy now. The hyena can’t believe this, but is instantly attacked by Dellinger, who thinks Bellamy should prepare to die.

Iron Bridge: Doflamingo and Law continue to fight, but Doflamingo dominates the fight. Law has been using his powers too much. Meanwhile, Doflamingo receives a call from Diamante, who informs him of Violet’s betrayal. Doflamingo then wants everyone from the Diamante unit to guard the Smile factory. The tournament finals would have to be taken care of by Diamante alone. Doflamingo realizes that Law was just fighting for time so that the Straw Hats could destroy the factory. But that plan has now failed. But what surprises him more is that Law trusted the Straw Hats so much that he even risked his life. Law knows that the “D” is going to let a storm blow up again, which will also take Doflamingo with it. Furious at this response, Doflamingo attacks Law one more time.

Corrida Colosseum: Vice Admiral Bastille has learned that Lucy is indeed Straw Hat Luffy. Still, he doesn’t want to attack immediately with his men because there are currently too many strong pirates and criminals in the coliseum. They wait until the losers come out one by one. However, when they go through the list of names again, they can’t match some of the names.

Meanwhile, Kinemon uses a Den-den Mushi from Sanji to allow Luffy to contact Sunny. From there, a Den-den Mushi is also activated, connecting them with Franky, Robin, and Usopp. After the three groups explain their respective positions, Franky asks Luffy to join the dwarves in fighting Doflamingo. The dwarves are led by the toy soldier and attempt to fight the darkness in the form of Doflamingo from this island. According to the original plan, Franky and the rest would have to get off the island after the factory is destroyed in order for Doflamingo and Kaidou to fight each other. However, Franky cannot turn his back on the dwarves as they run to their doom. Luffy understands Franky and gives him permission to help them fight Doflamingo. Sanji is already about to sail back with the Sunny when suddenly explosions are heard near Luffy.

Several buildings are cut up and in front of the Coliseum the injured Law lands, followed by Doflamingo. The navy also witnesses their arrival and joins them. Doflamingo thinks Law has crossed the line, whereupon he pulls out a pistol and shoots Law several times. Thinking of Corazón, Law loses consciousness. Luffy is shocked to see what is happening just a few feet in front of him.

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