One Piece Episode 660


Flashback, ten years earlier: the King’s advisors don’t understand what has gotten into this one, that he is attacking his own people. They already contacted the Navy, with Captain Vergo promising to take care of it. Princess Viola can’t stand the sight any longer and runs into the entrance hall. There she witnesses how it suddenly starts to snow in the building and the guards are taken out by the maid Mone. The latter opens the gates and explains that she only wanted to let the new royal family in. Shortly after, the officers of the Donquixote Pirates enter the palace. However, Mone takes Viola hostage for safety while the pirates take over the palace.

Outside the palace, King Riku continues to be forced to act against his own people. The king weeps bitterly, as he would rather die than harm his people. Since none of the people know what is really happening, everyone thinks the king has gone mad and evil. It makes it seem that he just wanted the money he had collected for himself and then kill them for fun. Every resident of Dress Rosa, except the soldiers who know the truth since they are also being controlled, begin to hate the king. Just as more soldiers are about to kill civilians, Doflamingo appears with his high ranking officers and stops them. He explains that he has come with his band of pirates to save them all. He makes it look like the king is about to attack him as well, which he easily defeats. The people then cheer their hero. So Doflamingo manages to take over Dress Rosa in just one night.

Present: The toy soldier declares that the king is still alive. As Doflamingo showed interest in Princess Viola’s abilities, she offered her services in exchange for her father’s life. As a result, she became part of his pirate band, but took the name Violet and is an officer of the Cross Troop. King Riku’s soldiers had to endure three different fates. Some were killed in the palace takeover, others were spared on the condition that they now serve Doflamingo, and the last group was turned into toys. The toy soldier reminds Franky of what he had seen in the city. All the toys are actually people, but after being turned into toys, they were forgotten. The toy soldier explains that he himself may have forgotten many friends as well. However, he says that this is exactly the key to their revolution. If they manage to turn everyone back, they would have enough people to start the revolt against Doflamingo. Both Franky and Robin are now determined to fight Doflamingo after hearing what he has done. Only Usopp still has his doubts and would rather run away. When asked why they want to start the revolt so soon now that ten years have already passed, the toy soldier explains that they were overjoyed after hearing that Doflamingo was resigning. However, when the news came afterwards that this was just a hoax, a fire of anger ignited within them that they could no longer suppress, which is why they want to start the rebellion immediately. Usopp, Franky and Robin then feel responsible for the situation.

Underground, garbage dump: Only Don Chinjao and King Riku are left of the former tournament participants. When asked by King Riku if Don Chinjao would still be in command of his pirate gang, the former pirate answers in the affirmative, as he unfortunately would not have any descendants like grandchildren to take over for him. The former king suddenly feels that he would have forgotten something, similar to that time ten years ago. Meanwhile, Boo, Abdullah and Jeet are just leaving the toy factory as toys and are now forced to work for the Donquixote Pirates like the rest.

Corrida Colosseum: Luffy runs around the last corridors looking for Zoro alone, as Bartolomeo collapses from excitement. However, he finally sees Zoro and Kinemon through a window.

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