One Piece Episode 659


Corrida Colosseum: Bartolomeo tries to tell Luffy Zoro’s message. Despite his excitement, he manages to do so and then wants to lead his idol to his friend.

Flower Field, Secret Base: The toy soldier has declared that he is Rebecca’s biological father. Usopp then asks the soldier if he is Riku’s son, to which the soldier does not answer. The toy soldier would rather explain when the whole tragedy started, guessing that it began when Mone started working at the palace. Usopp and Robin immediately recall their encounter with Mone on Punk Hazard.

Flashback, ten years earlier: Dress Rosa hasn’t had a single war in 800 years. King Riku always immediately sends some soldiers and materials to repair his subjects’ houses if something is broken by a pirate attack. Everyone is happy. But one night, Doflamingo shows up in the king’s bedroom. When he explains to King Riku that he is a descendant of the Donquixote family and is now reclaiming his kingdom, the king is shocked. He had already heard that Doflamingo was blackmailing the world government with gold he had previously stolen from the world’s aristocrats in order to rise to become the Samurai of the Seas. Since Doflamingo is not afraid of the World Nobles, the World Government does not know what to do with him. The Samurai of the Seas declares that if King Riku refuses to give up his kingdom to him, he will start a bloody war and kill several civilians to take his kingdom by force. However, he gives him a chance to avoid this by having King Riku buy the kingdom from him for 10 billion berry. Knowing that the king doesn’t have the money, he also immediately makes him a proposal to collect this money from his subjects on the condition that he wouldn’t be allowed to say anything about Doflamingo. Furthermore, he would not be allowed to ask for help from other kingdoms or say anything about them. Since the king hates war and unnecessary bloodshed, he agrees to the deal with a heavy heart.

The king explains the situation to his soldiers, including Captain Tank Lepanto. Tank would rather fight than get involved in such a deal. However, the king cares more about the welfare of the people, so he asks his soldiers to go to all the cities of Dress Rosa to collect the money. If the necessary money cannot be obtained, King Riku plans to blow himself up along with Doflamingo when the money is delivered. The soldiers then set out on their way. Tank explains the order to the people to collect all the money. At first, the people can’t believe that this order is really supposed to come from King Riku. However, through a video Den-den Mushi, the king explains that the order comes from him. He gets down on his knees and lowers his head as he begs the people to lend him all the money they have without questioning the reason. Without argument, each inhabitant hands over all their money to the soldiers as they all trust the king. Tank is speechless at so much trust the people have in her. When they have everything together and ride back into the palace, they see on a video Den-den Mushi that the king just rode his horse into the city of Sebio.

Sebio: Some soldiers and civilians are coming towards the king when he shouts in tears to stay away from him. But the people do not hear him and suddenly the king seizes his sword. He strikes down everyone with it, whether soldier or commoner. Furthermore, he uses flaming arrows to set buildings on fire. The king cries bitterly and shouts desperately again and again for no one to come near him. He can no longer control his own body and asks to stop. The inhabitants of Dress Rosa, however, do not hear this. All they see is the king riding from place to place, burning and attacking everything. From afar, Doflamingo controls the king and wants to add to the fun by using his parasite thread to now take control of all the soldiers on the island. While Tank Lepanto now also starts attacking innocent people, he understands what happened to the king. Doflamingo has lured them all into a trap and is now waiting with his men Trébol, Diamante and Pica for the right moment, when everyone hates King Riku with all their hearts, to appear as heroes.

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