One Piece Episode 658


Corrida Colosseum: Bartolomeo has finally found Luffy. Overjoyed to meet his idol, however, he almost lets him go. He stops the straw hat in time to give him Zoro’s message.

Dump of Toys: Kelly Funk, Ideo and also Boo have ended up with the other captured gladiators. Ricky is surprised that such a dump exists underneath the kingdom. Tank Lepanto approaches the mysterious gladiator shortly after and asks him if he is really King Riku, as he suspects. Ricky no longer hides his identity and removes his helmet. It turns out that he is indeed the former king of Dress Rosa, Riku Doldo III. Tears of joy come to Tank that his king is still alive and he tries to explain why he works for Doflamingo as a captain. However, Riku knows that Tank is only working for Doflamingo to keep an eye on Viola. Elizabello II is overjoyed to see his old friend again and hugs him. He explains that since Riku is no longer king, the balance between the neighboring kingdoms is out of whack and there is only war. Sai, Boo, and Don Chinjao explain that Doflamingo provoked the wars in order to secretly supply the countries with weapons afterwards. When their homeland was also affected by the wars, the King of Kano Country gave the Happou Navy orders to stop the arms trade, which is why they came to Dress Rosa and participated in the tournament. Still, Sai blames King Riku for everything because he went crazy ten years ago and Doflamingo was able to seize power. Dagama agrees with Sai, whereupon he is rebuked by Tank. He doesn’t know what really happened back then and has no right to condemn King Riku. More gladiators then confess to being former soldiers of King Riku and bow to their former king. Some toys do the same.

Hack, meanwhile, has moved slightly away from the group and is reporting to someone outside via a Den-den Mushi that there will likely be more underground. His interlocutor instructs him to continue to keep an eye out. Suddenly, Sai is grabbed by a sticky slime that tries to pull him up into another tunnel on the ceiling. Boo and Don Chinjao try in vain to save Sai. The latter wakes up in a dark room where Trébol approaches him. A hand touches Sai and the Happo Navy commander has suddenly become a toy monkey. Trébol orders him not to attack anyone from the Doflamingo family, but only to obey their orders. He is told not to speak and to leave this room to work at the docks and the factory. Sai has no control over his new body and must do exactly as Trébol told him.

Flower Field, secret base of the Anti-Doflamingo organization: Gancho explains that several hundred years ago, the dwarves were hunted down and killed by humans in attempts to steal things their kingdom didn’t have. Then a king from the neighboring kingdom appeared and promised to trade them some goods for some work. It was Dress Rosa’s king of the Donquixote family at the time. However, this led to a dark age of the dwarves, slave labor. The dwarves were enslaved and forced to work underground for Dress Rosa’s people until they died, which led Dress Rosa to prosperity. Slavery did not stop until 800 years ago when the new King Riku I appeared. When the king heard that the dwarves had been treated worse than humans for several hundred years, he freed them, wept, and apologized for everything several times. To make it up to them, he made a promise that the dwarves could take anything they needed from Dress Rosa without working for it. The king spread the rumor that it was the deeds of fairies who watched over the land and took things in return. The dwarves were so grateful to the king that they filled Dress Rosa with flowers. But then ten years ago Doflamingo returned and history seemed to repeat itself when he had 500 dwarves and Gancho’s daughter kidnapped and enslaved. Robin sees on the Coliseum broadcast how much people hate King Riku’s family and Rebecca and asks what happened. The Toy Soldier explains that ten years ago, King Riku III lost the trust of the entire country overnight and Doflamingo was then named the new king, who had all of his relatives killed. The Toy Soldier escaped with Rebecca, but she is ultimately doomed to fight in the Coliseum until her death. But the toy soldier wants to save her and restore the name of King Riku, even if he has to sacrifice his life to do so. Usopp asks the soldier who he is. The soldier explains that even though Rebecca doesn’t remember him since he became a toy, he is her biological father.

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