One Piece Episode 656


Iron Bridge: Doflamingo asks Law what he intends to do with Giolla, after all, all the members of the Donquixote Pirates are willing to die for him. Law then uses his devil powers to send her to her captain, as he no longer needs her, and orders her to leave. She refuses to leave her young master’s side at first, until he orders her to do the same. Shortly after, she runs away. Law tells Doflamingo that he has lost. After Caesar, he will now also lose his Smile Factory. Shortly after, the fight begins.

Thousand Sunny: Nami navigates toward Zou, taking Law’s advice to take a cloud-free route. Sanji notices Momonosuke’s renewed transformation into his dragon form. The latter remembers his first visit to Dress Rosa, where he encountered Doflamingo once before.

Flashback: Momonosuke and Kinemon are hiding in a side street, watching Doflamingo nearly drown a gladiator in a barrel of water. The Samurai of the Seas is furious with the gladiator, as he spilled no blood in his last fight and dodged all attacks himself. For Doflamingo, only blood and death are true entertainment. When he finally lets go of the man, he slashes him with his strings while smiling, startling Momonosuke so much that he passes out. Shortly after, Kanjuro joins them and explains that he found a boat at the harbor, which they can use to leave this country.

Thousand Sunny, present: Momonosuke is afraid for Kanjuro. Sanji reassures him, but his mind is elsewhere. The latter admits to thinking about Violet. The latter told Sanji not to worry about her safety, as she had asked a friend at the World Government for protection, who should show up at the port soon. She then told the Cook about the attack on the Thousand Sunny.

Dress Rosa: Violet, riding a toy horse, passes a crowd of people watching Rebecca’s fight on a monitor and demanding her death. Violet shatters the monitor so that no one can watch the fight. She then asks the toy horse to take her to the palace.

Corrida Colosseum: Bartolomeo has finally worked up the courage to approach Zoro and informs him about Luffy in the Colosseum. Zoro then asks him to bring Luffy to him. Bartolomeo, overjoyed to speak with Zoro, then asks the swordsman for his autograph if he will bring Luffy to him. Shortly after, the pirate captain runs off determinedly.

Corrida Colosseum, Block D: Gatz watches Rolling Logan, who lives up to his name. He rolls around on the floor and knocks several opponents out of the ring. Shortly after, he picks off his opponent and breaks his leg. On the other side of the ring, Rebecca continues to valiantly fight off each attacker, but still keeps getting booed by the crowd. Rebecca then briefly recalls her time training with the toy soldier, who wanted her to get stronger. Rebecca then performs her deadwater sword dance, for which she is famous, and throws every attacker into the water with rapid movements. In her entire career as a gladiator, Rebecca has never once injured or lost an opponent. Because of this, even he can’t call her fighting style unattractive and admits that he actually likes her. Rolling Logan’s attention has been caught, whereupon he gets in her way next.

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