One Piece Episode 655


Thousand Sunny: Sanji attacks Doflamingo in mid-air with a kick that the Samurai of the Seas is able to deflect. After a brief exchange of blows, Sanji is ultimately pinned in mid-air, preventing him from moving. Giolla explains that Sanji is being held captive by the forces of Doflamingo. Doflamingo wants to finish it off with one last attack. Brook, Nami and Chopper are about to attack him because of this, but Sanji tells them to escape with a coup de bust. Just before Doflamingo’s attack succeeds, Law throws a tree stump at it, causing him and Doflamingo to switch places, causing him to miss Sanji and hit a building in Dress Rosa.

Law uses his devil powers to teleport himself, Caesar and Sanji to the Thousand Sunny, but Doflamingo heads back towards the ship. Law meanwhile inquires about the Smile factory and if it has been destroyed yet. The ship’s cook explains that they did find it, but it probably won’t be as easy as they suspected. Law understands this to mean that they needed more time. It turns out that Law had hidden Caesar’s heart in his own body and left his own on the ship. Law gives Caesar his heart back and wants the Straw Hats to take the Thousand Sunny and go to Zou with Caesar. Nami, however, refuses to set sail without the captain. However, suddenly the skies overhead darken as Admiral Fujitora flies his ship towards the Thousand. Further, he has retrieved two meteors from space that are hurtling toward the ship. Nami revises her opinion and agrees to leave Dress Rosa. Sanji asks Law if their main target is really Kaidou, as Law seems very fixated on Doflamingo. Without giving an answer, Law deflects the meteors towards the navy ship. Fujitora suddenly feels like they’re needed on Dress Rosa and orders them to go there. Doflamingo has almost reached the Sunny again and attacks it again. However, the attack is blocked by Law, who takes Giolla hostage to deter further attacks. Law instructs Nami to keep the ship away from clouds, as Doflamingo is a thread person and can cling to clouds with his threads, which is why it looks like he can fly. The Straw Hats then create the Coup de Bust to escape with the ship.

Dress Rosa: Since all entrances and exits of the coliseum have been sealed, Zoro tries to ask Bartolomeo through a window if he knows how they can get in. But the latter is too excited to have now met Zoro as well as Luffy.

Corrida Colosseum, Block D: Cavendish notices how Rebecca never attacks seriously, only parries. Acilia shows up and attacks Cavendish. The gladiator explains that Cavendish doesn’t have to worry about Rebecca. Suddenly Rebecca is surrounded by three big guys, after which Rebecca gets closer and closer to the edge of the ring. When Rebecca is attacked, she launches a counterattack that defeats all three men and flings them out of the ring.

Thousand Sunny: Sanji informs Usopp, Robin and Franky about the current situation via Den-den Mushi. The three ask about Luffy, Zoro, and Kinemon, but they are still in Dress Rosa at the Coliseum. As for Law’s whereabouts, Sanji can only give a depressed answer.

Green Bit, Iron Bridge: Law stands on the bridge with Giolla as Doflamingo slowly walks towards them. He asks what sense it makes to send half the Straw Hats away when the other half are still here. He says he just needs to grab them on Dress Rosa so the others can return with Caesar. Law says everyone who underestimated the Straw Hats like this has been defeated. Further, Law states that he is now ending the alliance with the Straw Hats. He mainly used them to capture Caesar and destroy the Smile factory. Even if Law doesn’t manage to kill Doflamingo right away, he knows that Kaidou will do the job because he won’t get any more Smile fruit from Doflamingo. Law wants revenge this way for what Doflamingo did 13 years ago.

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