One Piece Episode 654


Thousand Sunny: Brook, Nami, Chopper and Momonosuke have captured Giolla and put her in chains. Next, Nami wants to take the ship to Green Bit to pick up Caesar, as Law has asked her to do. Brook is confused, since Caesar was supposed to be given to Doflamingo. Giolla then laughs contemptuously at the Straw Hats for their ignorance and explains that it was all a lie and Doflamingo is still a samurai of the seas.

Corrida Colosseum: The battles of Block D are in full swing. Cavendish has already defeated many opponents when he is suddenly attacked by Gardoa, “the beautiful bounty hunter”. Some women in the audience immediately become fans of Gardoa. Cavendish asks what his gold-plated lance is all about. Gardoa then explains that he spends the money from the bounties he collects on his weapon to make it more beautiful. He hopes to use Cavendish’s bounty to buy a diamond lance soon. A fight ensues between the two, which Cavendish ends up winning, destroying Gardoa’s weapon in the process. He tells him that he can’t forgive people who try to defeat him or take away his glory. Rebecca, meanwhile, is involved in a fight with many attackers. More and more people are piling in to take credit for defeating Rebecca. A larger group then pushes her to the edge of the ring.

Green Bit: Law summarizes that Doflamingo is a world aristocrat. This one disagrees that this used to be the case, but is no longer. To Doflamingo, a bloodline or destiny is insignificant. He truly claims to have had an extraordinary life. He does not respond to Law’s further questions. Fujitora suddenly hears thunder as if rain clouds are nearby. To Law, this is the sign that Nami and the others have almost reached Green Bit. Suddenly, Caesar emerges from a bush and inquires about his heart. Law explains that he never claimed that the heart he has with him belongs to Caesar. As Doflamingo presses the stolen heart, one of Fujitora’s marines suddenly collapses. Law uses the moment of inattention to escape using his devil powers and kidnap Caesar again. Doflamingo immediately takes up pursuit. Law plans to escape across the bridge, using his devil powers to try and get Caesar onto the Thousand Sunny. He himself plans to fight Doflamingo afterwards to buy time for the Straw Hats to escape.

Thousand Sunny: Nami and the rest slowly reach the island, but can’t make out anyone on shore from a distance and through the fog. Suddenly, the ship shakes. The Sunny has been surrounded by a horde of Fighting Fish who want to sink the ship. Frightened, Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke call for help.

Coast of Green Bit: Doflamingo doesn’t understand why Law is running to the bridge, as he would be at a disadvantage in Dress Rosa. But suddenly, the Samurai of the Seas hears shouts from the water and spots the Straw Hats’ ship, whereupon he understands Law’s plan. To prevent Law or any of the Straw Hats from escaping, he plans to sink the Sunny single-handedly. Immediately, Doflamingo races through the sky towards the Sunny. The Fighting Fish sense the impending danger and instantly disappear. Before Doflamingo can reach the Straw Hats, Sanji appears to their rescue.

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