One Piece Episode 653


Green Bit: Doflamingo tells Law that 800 years ago, twenty kings from twenty kingdoms came together to form a great organization: the World Government. Nineteen of the twenty kings decided to move to Mary Geoise along with their families. The only family that refused was the Nefertari family. The descendants of the kings in Mary Geoise are now known as World Nobles. The nineteen kingdoms, now leaderless, then had elections to appoint new royal families to replace those who had left. In Dress Rosa’s case, the new royal family was the Riku family, while the royal family that left was the Donquixote family.

Thousand Sunny: Brook joined Giolla, saying that as a musician, he was also an artist of sorts and would respect her art. Giolla, in turn, has locked Nami, Momonosuke, and Chopper into a massive painting that they are to unite with forever within the next ten minutes, which would mean the death of the three. Brook then wants to do something to celebrate, and asks Giolla to change his instruments back so he can provide musical accompaniment to their art. Giolla follows his request, at which point Brook briefly shows her his hidden weapon in his bow and then walks past her, explaining that he had already cut it. Before Giolla can realize anything, she suddenly feels the wounds from Brook’s attack and loses consciousness, whereupon her devil powers are nullified and everyone changes back.

Corrida Colosseum: In front of the Colosseum, Kinemon and Zoro are looking for a way inside. But unfortunately, all paths are blocked with iron bars. Sanji left for the Sunny shortly before to help Nami and the others. However, he gave the two a Den-den Mushi beforehand to use once they find Luffy inside the coliseum. However, the two swordsmen don’t know how to get inside the coliseum without attracting the attention of the marines. Bartolomeo is walking past a window when he notices Zoro. Excited to see yet another idol of his, the pirate captain immediately tears up and calls out to him.

Thousand Sunny: Nami, Chopper and Momonosuke thank Brook for saving them. However, Nami wants Brook to handcuff Giolla with sea stone handcuffs. However, being a Devil Fruit user himself, the skeleton refuses to touch the handcuffs and thinks that Nami, being the only non-fruit user, should do it herself. Meanwhile, Giolla has come around. Enraged, she uses her devil powers for her strongest technique, “Heavens Door Art”. Shortly after, the Thousand Sunny finds herself in an abstract world while a massive monstrous Giolla is in front of her, intent on giving the Straw Hats an end full of beauty.

Dress Rosa, Palace: Baby 5 and Gladius are talking about Violet’s betrayal of the pirate gang. Gladius gets so upset about it that his hat literally pops off. He explains that he hates people who can’t stick to a plan, and especially people who betray the young lord. That’s why he wouldn’t let them get away with it. What also annoys him is that he didn’t see this coming, even though Violet was already acting strangely since last night, since she normally could have tracked down the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship with her powers back then.

Northeast of Dress Rosa: Violet is riding a toy horse with Sanji towards Green Bit. Sanji asks her why she didn’t wait for him at the harbor, to which she explains that there are marines there. In itself, there are marines almost everywhere on the island, but with her devil powers, she can keep an eye on everything on the island and thus avoid any possible enemies.

Thousand Sunny: Nami and Brook try to attack the giant Giolla, but all the attacks fail. However, as it turns out, these were just diversions so Chopper could get the Gaon Cannon ready. Since Giolla is almost as tall as a mountain at the moment, Nami has no trouble firing the cannon instead of Usopp and hitting her. Giolla’s art world shatters and it resumes its normal form. Badly injured, she lands on Sunny before she is finally defeated.

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