One Piece Episode 652


Corrida Colosseum: Rebecca is booed and insulted as she enters the ring. All of the spectators want to see her die. As Luffy learns, the actions of her grandfather, the former king of Dress Rosa, are the cause. Luffy thinks this is unfair, as Rebecca is not responsible for this. The gladiators in the cell explain that Rebecca is a hope for them, however, because she is the only gladiator who has not sustained any injuries. If she wins the Fire Fruit, maybe she could really make a difference and make life better for them.

Ring: Cavendish enters the ring on his horse. Over the loudspeaker he shouts to the crowd to shut up, as he considers this behavior disgraceful. While he doesn’t know the reason for this hatred, nonetheless, the people who want Rebecca dead should get in the ring and fight themselves instead of acting like cowards from afar. Fighting to the death is not something meant for entertainment, he said, and normally Cavendish detests such events. But he has his own reasons for attending. After a moment of silence, the crowd cheers Cavendish, which he clearly enjoys. Rebecca thanks the pirate, but he says that those were his true feelings, so there was no need for thanks. Shortly after, the bridges connecting to the ring are removed and the Block D match begins.

Green Bit: Doflamingo has Law backed into a corner. Using his devil powers, he tries to tie Law to a tree. Law is confused as to how Doflamingo could spread a false message to the world without incurring any punishment. Only the World Nobles have these privileges. Doflamingo then replies that he had just answered the question himself, even if it was a bit more complicated. However, he cannot explain the exact circumstances to him until he hands over Caesar as well as his heart. Law then manages to escape, but falls over Doflamingo’s threads again. Doflamingo then takes Caesar’s heart and intends to kill Law. Fujitora appears and increases gravity. The Admiral is under orders to capture Law, not kill him. Though somewhat annoyed, the Samurai of the Seas agrees. However, now that he has what he wanted, he wants to tell Law a little more as promised.

Flower Hill, secret base: Leo’s units as well as Robin and Usopp reach the hideout of the small rebel army and meet Franky and the toy soldier there. The toy soldier now wants to explain again all the details of the plan, to overthrow Doflamingo, on which they have worked for a year. Usopp, in turn, hopes to find a moment in the plan where he can sneak away.

City Streets: Wicca tries to show Zoro the way to the Thousand Sunny, where Giolla has already shown up. Wicca tries to enlighten Zoro about Giolla’s powers. Zoro is impressed that Wicca has so much information. The latter then explains that she has memorized all the high-ranking members of the Donquixote Pirates, including abilities. Especially the faces of the three top officers Diamante, Trébol and Pica she could not forget, because the three of them defeated the whole royal army together ten years ago. On the way, they suddenly notice Sanji and Kinemon looking for a way into the Coliseum to inform Luffy of the situation. Zoro then reports on the Sunny, prompting Sanji to head there and join Zoro. But at that moment, Violet appears from an alleyway, saying that Giolla has already taken over the ship and is now setting course for Green Bit.

Colosseum: The fighting has begun and five gladiators at once try to attack Rebecca. Rebecca is able to deftly dodge and parry each attack. She throws each of her opponents into the water, causing them to leave the ring and be disqualified. These are the results from training with the toy soldier. Rebecca vows not to give up until she wins.

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