One Piece Episode 651


Coliseum: Rebecca explains that she will not allow the Toy Soldier to die, as he has raised her as his own since she lost her mother. Many toys on the island are friends to those who have friends, siblings to only children, or lovers to those who live alone. Rebecca does not understand why the toys are not allowed to live with humans, but that is the law. In the background, Gatz is heard announcing the fight for Block D, at which point Rebecca heads to the ring. As she does so, old memories come flooding back to her.

Flashback, ten years earlier: Rebecca and her mother Scarlet are picking flowers on the flower hill to sell later. But late in the evening, several fires break out in town and cause great uproar among the residents of Dress Rosa. Although Scarlet and Rebecca live outside of town, they are still able to watch the fires from a distance. Some time later, some rabble rousers are hot on their heels, led by Diamante. However, the toy soldier suddenly appears and fights off the pursuers, allowing the two to escape. The two hide in the sunflower fields. However, Rebecca is very hungry after a few days. Therefore, Scarlet decides to sneak into town to buy some food. After several hours have passed, the one-legged toy soldier appears at Rebecca’s house with the dead Scarlet in his arms. He apologizes to Rebecca several times for not being able to protect her mother and hands her the food she had bought for Rebecca. The soldier declares that Doflamingo is now the new king of Dress Rosa, with orders to kill anyone related to the old king. Since Scarlet had royal blood, she was one of the victims. The soldier warns Rebecca that she is also wanted. But he promises to watch over her until she becomes happy again, even if he has to sacrifice his own life in the process. Rebecca doesn’t like the toy soldier at first, but he won’t leave her side.

The soldier sneaks into town every now and then and also listens to Doflamingo’s speech when he is celebrated as the new king, where he promises to help Dress Rosa prosper. The toy soldier takes on many different jobs to earn money for Rebecca and as promised, he protects her from all dangers. Together, the two travel across the country to find a safe place for her. In a small village, the two settle down for a while and live a happy life. However, after Rebecca is kidnapped by two men, the toy soldier intervenes and rescues her. As a result, he is wanted by the police. The two must continue their journey. But the toy soldier decides to teach Rebecca how to fight so she can defend herself, even though Scarlet had taught Rebecca not to hurt anyone.

Present: Gatz announces Rebecca, the Phantom Princess. As soon as Rebecca enters the ring, she is booed by all the spectators. Many demand that she be killed first.

Luffy is surprised and annoyed by the reaction of the audience, since Rebecca is a very nice and warm-hearted person. But one of the wounded gladiators explains that Rebecca is also the granddaughter of the former king of Dress Rosa, who is hated by the entire country.

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