One Piece Episode 648


Tontatta Kingdom: Usopp and Robin are led by the dwarves to the underground passage that connects Green Bit to Dress Rosa. There is also a bug airport located there. The dwarves are ready to leave to meet up with their comrades so they can plan the attack on Doflamingo. Leo also meets Bian and Kabu at the airport, who are both Zoan devil fruit users and are in their half-dwarf half-beetle form. The two lead the yellow beetle and pink hornet squads. While the dwarves fly through the passage on the beetles, line foxes serve as mounts for Usopp and Robin. On the way to Dress Rosa, Gancho tells Usopp and Robin that the Tontatta Kingdom’s feud with Doflamingo has been going on for 900 years.

Flower Hill: Under the sunflower field of the Flower Hill is a secret staircase that leads to a hideout of the Anti-Doflamingo group “King Riku Army”. This is where the toy soldier took Franky. The toy soldier introduces Franky to the group, which consists only of dwarves. At the hideout, Franky also meets Zoro, who is cheering for Luffy via video Den-den Mushi, with Zoro upset that he couldn’t participate in the tournament. Wicca tries to remind Zoro that he wanted to get back to the Sunny. Meanwhile, the dwarf Inhel tells the toy soldier that legendary heroes named Lysoland and Robiland have appeared in the Tontatta Kingdom to support them. Furthermore, they would also have friends named Luffyland, Zoroland, and Fraland. Zoro and Franky see through Usopp’s lie and introduce themselves as Zoroland and Fraland. Shortly after, Zoro remembers the incident on the Sunny.

Corrida Colosseum: Luffy and Don Chinjao continue to fight each other relentlessly. Meanwhile, Jesus Burgess has joined Cavendish and Bartolomeo. The latter is puzzled by the strong Lucy and wonders who he really is.

Green Bit: Doflamingo seems to have cut Law off, when suddenly Caesar shows up and tells him that Law still has his heart. For this reason, Doflamingo should be careful and get the heart back first. Law uses the moment of inattention to escape by means of Shambles.

Thousand Sunny: Nami tries to fight Giolla, but she turns Nami’s climate clock stick into a piece of art, which Nami first thinks is a toy. Giolla then explains that they have a Devil Fruit user in their gang who turns people into toys, but it wouldn’t be her. She clarifies that she ate of the art fruit and can turn anything into art. Chopper’s hooves and horns, as well as Brook’s Soul Solid, have also already been transformed and rendered useless. Suddenly, they hear a ringing from a Den-den Mushi and Chopper picks up. On the other end is Law, who orders the Straw Hats to come to Green Bit and pick up Caesar. Since he doesn’t have time to explain further, he hangs up on them. Nami, Brook, and Chopper are furious at Law’s behavior, as they are in trouble themselves.

Green Bit: Doflamingo has caught up with Law again and declares that there is no escape for him. He has already trapped Luffy by entering his coliseum, where no loser manages to get out. Doflamingo says that this is the end of the Pirate Alliance.

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