One Piece Episode 645


Corrida Colosseum: After Luffy defeats the giant Hajrudin, the crowd celebrates. Lucy walks up to the defeated Ucy, thanks him for fighting with him, and then carries him to the edge of the ring. Meanwhile, another tournament participant approaches the defeated giant, who he thinks is in his way. It is the three-time X ranked boxer and two-time champion of the New World Central Fighting Tournament, “Destruction Cannon” Ideo. The latter throws Hajrudin out of the ring into the water with an explosive punch. Another tournament participant doesn’t care about Ideo’s title and tries to attack him. But the gladiator is defeated with just one punch, while Ideo retorts that only strength counts. With a hand gesture, Ideo then challenges Luffy aka Lucy. Luffy then gets ready to fight again.

Dress Rosa, City: Zoro runs aimlessly through the streets. Wicca tries to show him the way to the Flower Mound, but Zoro gets permanently lost. However, after Zoro leaves Wicca behind due to an argument, he reappears, having gotten lost once again. Wicca then asks him once again to take her to her friends and Zoro agrees.

Green Bit: The battle between Law, Doflamingo, and Fujitora continues. After Law stops another meteor from the Admiral, he runs into the forest, whereupon his opponents chase him. Doflamingo knows Law is just stalling for time and attacks him mercilessly. In the end, Doflamingo and the Admiral manage to corner Law.

Coliseum: A fierce battle ensues between Ideo and Luffy. However, Luffy is able to dodge all of his opponent’s blows. When he hits two others and there is another explosion, Luffy is a little surprised at his opponent’s punching power. The latter explains that despite his strength, he still wants to get stronger until he makes it all the way to the top. With the help of the Fire Fruit, he could add even more power to his punches. However, Luffy won’t let Ideo get the fruit and counters his next punch with a Haki enhanced punch.

Meanwhile, Gatz draws attention to the other participants in the fight. Happo Navy members Sai and Boo defeat their opponents with impact techniques called Hasshoken. Don Chinjao, on the other hand, defeats his opponents with either the use of his bare hands or his haki. The bounty hunter “Bandit” Jean Ango then thanks Don Chinjao and steals the weapons of the defeated opponents. Another participant then seeks revenge on Jean Ango for putting his partner in jail some time ago. However, the bandit throws a couple of weapons he just collected at the attacker with incredible speed, causing him to go down immediately. Ango comments that his attacker would have rather tried to get his partner out of jail like a certain someone did a few years ago. Elsewhere, Kelly Funk beats on a participant mercilessly, even though the participant has already lost consciousness. The reason for this is that the contestant was making fun of Kelly’s size. Bobby Funk tries to calm his brother down. The two brothers are famous assassins who are said to have already defeated pirates with a bounty of over 100 million berries. Boo finds this interesting and provokes a fight. However, Kelly is already on the ground after one punch from Boo. Gatz is surprised, disappointed and angered by the apparent weakness of the usually famous brothers. Especially when Bobby refuses to fight, being a Pacifism. Boo nevertheless attacks him from behind with an axe, breaking the axe. Boo is shocked since his axe was reinforced with haki and Bobby Funk just turned his back on him. Meanwhile, Kelly Funk asks his brother to finally dress him.

Meanwhile, Lucy has lost his helmet in the fight against Ideo. He quickly ties his cloak around his face to hide his identity and searches for his helmet. However, this has ended up with Jean Ango, who takes it. He has heard a rumor that Straw Hat Luffy is secretly participating in the tournament. Meanwhile, Boo is defeated by someone who has Kelly’s fighting style but Bobby Funk’s height. Meanwhile, Don Chinjao charges through the crowds to finally be able to fight the Straw Hat. Only 40 fighters remain from Block C, with six fighters being favorites: Lucy, Jean Ango, Sai, Don Chinjao, Ideo and Kelly and Bobby Funk.

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