One Piece Episode 644


Thousand Sunny: Nami, Brook, Momonosuke and Chopper find the boys’ quarters completely deformed and in bizarre colors. Out steps Giolla, officer of the Donquixote Pirates and member of the Trébol unit. She describes herself as an artist and what she has made of the room as an example of her art. Upon seeing her enemies, a new inspiration immediately comes to Giolla. She uses her devil powers and throws a colorful cloud at the straw hats. As a result, they also take on completely deformed shapes. Giolla makes a proposal to her opponents. She would change them back if they turn Momonosuke over to them. When Nami and the others refuse, Giolla throws another cloud at them. But this time, they are able to escape before then and leave the Sunny with the help of the Waver and the submarine.

In order not to damage the ship even more, they want to lure Giolla away. But Giolla calls her men, who appear out of the fog with a submarine of the Donquixote pirate gang. Giolla orders her men to capture the fugitives so they can get their hands on Momonosuke. This, she says, is part of the order she received from her master. The second part is to take over the ship and make sure the Straw Hats can’t sail away with it. Shortly after, Giolla lets out another thought cloud, this time throwing it directly at the ship. The entire Thousand Sunny is transformed into an abstract work of art.

Dress Rosa, Colosseum: Gladiator Ricky wants to go to the exit, but the staff of the Colosseum wants to treat him medically first. The false care only enrages Ricky more, as he and hundreds of others are made to fight each other just to amuse the crowd. As he collapses in pain again, Rebecca joins in and offers to help get him to medical care. Ricky then has memories of Rebecca’s childhood. Not wanting to be recognized by her, he gets up and goes there alone.

Donquixote Pirates Waiting Room: Bellamy’s wounds are tended while Diamante gives him a message from Doflamingo. Bellamy is given a second chance to become an officer of the gang. In order to do so, however, he must kill the Straw Hat. Doubt is clearly written on Bellamy’s face, after all, Luffy had been cheering him on in battle.

Attendee Terrace: Bartolomeo puts down a large suitcase and joins Cavendish, who is eating something while watching the C Block fights. He inquires if it’s true what they hear about Cavendish wanting to take Lucy down. However, before he can answer, the cannibal states that Cavendish is unable to defeat him. Cavendish interprets from this statement that Bartolomeo is also after the Straw Hat. The pirate prince again declares that the straw hat is his prey and no one is allowed to finish it before him. To this, Bartolomeo replies that his connection to the straw hat is far deeper than Cavendish’s.

Corrida Colosseum: Gatz notices the giant Hajrudin from Elbaf, also known as the Pirate Mercenary, who knocks several competitors out of the ring with just one punch. The giant intends to become the first giant with Logia powers, and thus soon the king of all giants. Also notable is the Coliseum’s fighting bull, which has been christened Ucy by Luffy. Luffy aka Lucy has tamed the bull, rides on its back and throws one contestant after another out of the arena. Lucy has since become a crowd favorite, which only angers Cavendish more. Rebecca, who also watches the fights from the stands, in turn finds Lucy very funny and interesting. But suddenly, Luffy and his new friend bump into Hajrudin. He hits them both with a shield, thus knocking them into the ground. The audience is shocked and think that Lucy is defeated. However, Lucy gets up and walks over to the defeated Ucy. With an angry look, he turns to face the giant. He activates Gear 2 and boosts his fist with Busoushoku before knocking the giant down with just one punch.

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