One Piece Episode 643


Green Bit, Coast: Doflamingo wants Law to hand Caesar over to him, as he is a valuable underling of his. Law wants to blow the deal with Doflamingo, as he has not kept to the agreement. Doflamingo, in turn, turns to Admiral Fujitora, whom he has heard a few things about, such as that he and the other new admiral are true beasts when it comes to power. Fujitora has meanwhile also noticed Caesar, on whom a large bounty has been placed. However, since Doflamingo had previously called him a subordinate and they can’t arrest Doflamingo, as well as all his subordinates, without cause, they can’t do anything about Caesar. Doflamingo then asks what Law’s case actually looks like. Fujitora asks if Law and the Straw Hat have formed a pirate alliance as described in the newspaper. If this is true, Law would be stripped of his title as Samurai of the Seas. However, if the Straw Hat is merely Law’s subordinate, Law would be able to keep his title. Law affirms his alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates to stall for time. The Admiral then uses his devil powers to send a massive meteorite crashing down from the sky. While the soldiers and Caesar flee into the nearby forest, Law, Doflamingo, and Fujitora take care of the meteorite. At the end, a massive crater is seen with the antagonists still standing on their respective positions, the only ones not destroyed. The Admiral explains to himself that he really only wanted to test Law’s abilities, but probably overdid it.

Dress Rosa, City: Via Den-den Mushi, Franky and Sanji exchange their respective information. It turns out that Franky has already learned about Doflamingo’s feint from the extra edition of the newspaper. When Sanji sees the fighting tournament at the Coliseum on a massive screen, he questions Franky about it, to which he explains that Luffy is participating. Violet, again using her devil powers, sees her pursuers coming. She gives Sanji a map, which reveals the location of Doflamingo’s factory. The factory itself is disguised as a toy house. In order to lose her pursuers, Violet separates from Sanji first. Shortly after, the ship’s cook is surprised by Kinemon, who asks him to defeat his pursuers. He himself could not do so, as they are still holding Kanjuro captive. Kinemon then asks Sanji to help him free his comrade, who is being held in the toy house.

Colosseum, Arena: Luffy fights several gladiators, but no one is a match for him. Suddenly, he meets the Fighting Bull again, who charges at him in a rage. The Fighting Bull is called the Grim Reaper of the Coliseum by commentator Gatz, as he would have already killed dozens of people. However, Luffy dodges each of his attacks with ease. In the end, he is able to calm the fighting bull down with his haki and even befriends him. Luffy jumps on the bull’s back and now wants to fight together with him.

Green Bit, Tontatta Kingdom: Usopp, Robin and the dwarves hear and feel the vibrations from the battle above them. The dwarves are currently bringing Usopp a feast, as they revere him like a hero. The reason for this is that 400 years ago Mont Blanc Noland helped the dwarves and is a legendary hero to them. After Usopp saw the statue of Noland, he lied to the dwarves that he was Noland’s descendant Lysoland. King Gancho believes it is a sign because they were just on their way to the Field of Flowers to meet up with the rest of their troops to plan the attack on the Donquixote Pirates. Leo and the other dwarves ask their new hero Usopp to fight alongside them on the front lines as they launch the attack. Usopp is shocked and already apparently regrets his lie.

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