One Piece Episode 642


Dress Rosa: Sanji and Violet are being chased by Doflamingo’s henchmen. While Sanji protects Violet, he speaks to Law via a Den-den Mushi and warns him to get off Green Bit quickly. The reason for this is that Doflamingo never gave up his title as Samurai of the Seas.

Flashback, a few hours before the appearance of the Straw Hats: The inhabitants want to know why their king has resigned his office and title. The CP0 ship then appears in the harbor. The agents announce to the inhabitants of Dress Rosa that the news of Doflamingo’s resignation was a hoax, which will be set right with a special edition at 15:00. Until then, however, no one is allowed to talk about it.

Green Bit: Sanji ends the call as he is out of time. Law can’t run anymore though, as Doflamingo will arrive in less than two minutes. A clone of Robin then emerges from the ground and explains that she and Usopp are having some trouble at the moment, but are fine. She says that Law will have to escape on his own, they’ll get to the port later. Before he can make his way, however, the navy already emerges from the forest, led by Admiral Fujitora. Shortly after, Doflamingo arrives at the rendezvous point as well. The samurai of the seas pretends to be frightened by the presence of the navy, since without his samurai title he would only be a simple pirate.

Coliseum, Arena: The battles of Block C have now officially begun. Cavendish tries unsuccessfully to catch Luffy still. Meanwhile, one fighter is already starting to sweep several opponents out of the ring. When he notices Luffy aka Lucy, he goes to eliminate him next, but he is too strong for him. During the fights, Luffy keeps catching himself using his gum-gum powers, which could expose him to the other fighters. As a result, he tries to fight with normal kicks and punches, which the gum-gum man manages to do quite well.

All over the world, meanwhile, the special edition of the newspaper is distributed, which revokes Doflamingo’s resignation. Many people are shocked by this.

Green Bit: Law asks Doflamingo how he managed to get permission from the world government to fool the entire world, only to have ten people fall into a trap. After all, even though he is a samurai of the seas as well as a king, he is also just a pirate. No one would have that much influence or power in the world. Doflamingo only explains to himself that the most spectacular magic tricks usually have the simplest solutions. Law explains that the only people who could tell such a lie and get away with it would be the world’s aristocrats. Shortly after, Law remembers how Vergo warned him about Doflamingo’s past. Law asks Doflamingo if he has any connection to the World Nobles. Doflamingo replies that the only thing he wants right now is to kill Law.

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