One Piece Episode 640


Green Bit, Coast: Usopp is still impressed by the flora and fauna of the island when he suddenly spots a naval ship. Caesar and Usopp then panic. Since Doflamingo resigned as a samurai and Law is currently working with the Straw Hats, all the pirates and Caesar are enemies of the Navy this time. Law then remembers mentioning to Smoker that he wants to go to Green Bit. Caesar wants another location for the hostage exchange, but Law refuses. He explains they have 15 minutes before Doflamingo shows up. Usopp and Robin are told to scour the island’s forest to make sure no unpleasant surprises pop up.

Forest: Robin and Usopp hear some noises. They see a group of marines talking to someone out of sight in a meadow. The person asks the group if they are good or evil. The soldiers reply that they are one of the good guys, to which the person asks if they would hand over their weapons to him if they were. When the marines answer in the negative, they are robbed by several quick creatures until they are left wearing only their underwear. Robin is able to briefly catch where one of the strange creatures jumped when they stripped the marines. Using her devil powers, Robin manages to capture one of the creatures, which turns out to be a dwarf.

Dress Rosa, Acacia: Zoro runs off in different directions, seemingly talking to himself. However, it turns out that he himself is carrying a dwarf in his jacket, who is trying to lead him towards the flower field.

Flashback: The dwarf Wicca was the thief who stole Zoro’s sword. She tries to remain undetected, but Zoro was able to see and catch her in the end. She asks Zoro not to tell anyone about it, since her people aren’t supposed to show themselves in front of big people. Zoro explains that he wants nothing from her except his sword, which she stole. Wicca replies that it was actually agreed upon once that all dwarves could take anything from the island, since it was a gift. The dwarf doesn’t want to discuss this for long and leaves again, but notices that she sprained her ankle during the chase. She asks Zoro to take her to her commander at the Field of Flowers because she would have important information about the Doflamingo gang. She has seen a squad, led by an officer of the pirate gang, planning to attack the Straw Hats’ ship. Zoro immediately wants to make his way back to the Sunny. But since he has no sense of direction, Wicca offers to help if he takes her to the flower field first so she can file her report there.

Present: Zoro asks if Wicca and her people also have a grudge against Doflamingo, which the dwarf confirms.

Warehouses: Sanji is beaten up by some men from the Doflamingo gang. It turns out that Violet is an officer of Doflamingo’s pirate gang. The assassin and her subordinates make fun of Sanji for how easily he fell into their trap. Sanji declares he continues to believe in Violet, who then kicks him in the face. Violet has eaten of the Anstarr Fruit and can see through anything and even read people’s minds. She wants to use her powers to enter Sanji’s mind so she can get all the information about the Pirate Alliance for her captain. But Sanji’s lustful thoughts, even at this moment, are too much for the assassin, so she recoils. Sanji explains that he continues to believe that Violet was telling him the truth when she asked him to kill someone for her. Violet is overwhelmed by Sanji’s belief.

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