One Piece Episode 639


Coliseum: Luffy pulls himself back into the Coliseum, as Cavendish and Chinjao are gone. He then watches as the injured from B Block are carried in. Also among them is Bellamy, who approaches Luffy. He asks why Luffy was cheering him on. Luffy responds by saying that Bellamy has really changed. The former pirate captain squeezes out a smile and replies that Luffy is the one who has changed, sensing that the latter now has a strong haki. Bartolomeo walks in just then and overhears the conversation from afar, being shocked to learn thus that the man with the beard straw hat is supposed to be Luffy.

Bridge to Green Bit: There are 45 minutes left before the exchange is to take place. Law’s group is crossing the iron bridge that connects Dress Rosa to Green Bit. Usopp and Caesar are amazed by the solid bridge and believe that the Fighting Fish will have their difficulties attacking it. But suddenly one of these fish appears and attacks the bridge. They are huge and even the bridge can barely withstand their attacks. Law orders Usopp and Robin to fight off the ship-sized beasts as they run across the bridge. Though the two straw hats are able to fend off a few, as more and more fish join them, Law decides to have Caesar uncuffed so he can fight. To keep the scientist from escaping, Law carries his heart as collateral, forcing Caesar to listen to the Samurai of the Seas. Caesar’s attacks prove to be extremely effective.

Usopp asks why Law doesn’t use his own powers to transport them. However, the power of the Operation Fruit consumes too much energy. Law gathers all his powers to be ready for a possible fight with Doflamingo. After a short while, the group is faced with a huge chasm, as the fish have already destroyed the bridge at this point. Another fish attacks the companions shortly after, when it is suddenly attacked by someone itself. The fighting fish is pierced by several spears and then caught by a net, which pulls it to the other side of the bridge. Usopp calls out to those on the other side to see if they can help them. However, the people, which you can’t tell, get scared when they see that there are people on the other side and move away with their loot. Law then decides that Caesar should fly them the last bit over the bridge.

Green Bit: Usopp is terrified at the fact that there are so many shipwrecks on the shore that fell victim to the fish. But he is even more horrified by the massive forest in front of him, which looks like a giant flower bush.

Colosseum: Meanwhile the fighters for block C are called. Gatz announces the most famous names for the audience. Among the participants are: New World boxing champion Ideo; the assassins who defeat even pirates with a bounty of over 100 million berries, the Funk brothers; the giant from Elbaf “pirate mercenary” Hajrudin; bounty hunter “Bandit” Jean Ango; the Coliseum’s fighting bull Ucy, and the legendary pirate Don Chinjao with his grandsons Sai and Boo.

Some time earlier, in the neighboring town: Sanji was led by Violet to some warehouses where the man Sanji is supposed to kill for Violet is located. When Violet hesitates to put Sanji in danger, Sanji insists. He enters the warehouse and finds an entire squad of Doflamingo’s men, as well as their soon leader. Sanji is able to defeat all of them without getting into trouble. However, the leader takes Violet hostage. Still, Sanji is too fast for him and flings him away with a kick. Violet thanks her hero, but surprisingly cuffs him. Violet gets a cold stare and asks “Blackfoot Sanji” to die for her. The ship’s cook realizes too late that he has fallen into a trap.

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