One Piece Episode 638


Corrida Colosseum, Arena: Bartolomeo easily defeats Hack, much to the displeasure of commentator Gatz and many other spectators, who had hoped that Hack would throw the pirate out. There are twenty-four contestants left from Block B. Bellamy, meanwhile, has become aware of Bartolomeo. Meanwhile, the mysterious gladiator Ricky is fighting Blue Gilly. However, the martial artist is superior to the gladiator and defeats him with one punch. Blue Gilly asks the old man what he thought he could accomplish, since even his sword is blunt. Ricky, in turn, realizes that his age probably cost him the victory. But what he hates more are the cheers from the crowd and especially Doflamingo.

Meanwhile, some of the participants are happy that they joined Dagama and are still in the ring. The tactician had told them that they would fight together and eliminate everyone else until he gave them a sign. From then on, they would decide the winner amongst themselves. But suddenly Blue Gilly attacks one by one of them and kicks them out of the ring. Dagama also attacks his own men. It turns out that Blue Gilly was also paid by Dagama. His job is to eliminate all the people who fought for Dagama and his king. With most of those people disqualified, Dagama now wants to get Blue Gilly off his back and attack him from behind, but the Long Legged Man already suspected this and counters the attack. Dagama flies out of the ring. Next Blue Gilly wants to get rid of Elizabello.

Meanwhile, Bellamy has unsuccessfully begun to attack Bartolomeo. In the end, Bellamy lies on the ground, stunned that he is already on the verge of defeat. However, all the spectators, even Luffy, cheer Bellamy on to do his best. Meanwhile, all the remaining contestants, paid by Dagama, have now turned on Elizabello. But the latter stops his warm-up, whereupon his body begins to glow reddish. The King of Prodense then says that he is now ready. In some rows of the stands, people realize that they might be in danger too, if Elizabello really uses his King Punch. He has punched a massive hole in a fortress with this attack and now the Coliseum may suffer a similar fate.

Meanwhile, the one-legged toy soldier brought Franky out of the coliseum, but he hasn’t said anything since. Franky explains that he doesn’t really have time for that sort of thing, since he eventually wants to destroy the artificial devil fruit factory and defeat Doflamingo. The toy soldier asks Franky about the background of his plan and if he is really serious about this.

Arena: With his spring arm, Bellamy has managed to grab Bartolomeo in the end, even though he’s still down. Meanwhile, Elizabello goes for his King Punch. Blue Gilly tries to stop him, but attacks too late and is directly hit by the shockwave of the attack. All the other competitors are also caught and literally fly out of the ring. After the attack, a large crater can be seen in front of Elizabello, caused by his attack. Gatz is about to declare Elizabello the winner when it is noticed that there is another competitor in the ring. Due to his skills, the Coliseum was also spared from the King Punch. It is Bartolomeo, who declares that he is a Barrier Man who has eaten of the Barrier Fruit. Sure enough, you can now see a transparent wall in front of Bartolomeo, which he sends hurtling towards Elizabello with an attack that knocks the King unconscious. This makes Bartolomeo the winner of Block B!

Outside the Coliseum: Meanwhile, the toy soldier Franky explains that he has a small rebel army that has the same goal as the Straw Hat Pirates. However, they can’t just destroy the factory because they want to free the workers there first. The toy soldier wants to tell Franky the whole truth and story about Dress Rosa if he is willing to come with him.

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