One Piece Episode 636


Colosseum, Ring: Bartolomeo has joined the other competitors from Block B in the ring. The Pirate Captain earns many boos as he tells the crowd they can go to hell. The crowd throws their trash at him, at which point he throws a black bullet into the crowd. The audience members think the ball is a bomb and try to flee in a panic, regardless, until they realize that Bartolomeo was merely throwing a ball. He calls the spectators disgusting for their behavior, whereupon he is booed again. Shortly after, Gatz announces the last participant of Block B. Unlike Bartolomeo, this one is celebrated and revered by the people. He is said to have brought a golden pillar from a distant land out of loyalty to Doflamingo. Further, he would have attacked any country that spoke ill of Dress Rosa. The talk is of Bellamy, who, if he wins, is to hold the position of commander.

Cavendish, who has joined his new friend Lucy, is jealous of the cheers Bellamy has received. Luffy, in turn, is intrigued by the 138 fighters and wonders who he should pay the most attention to. Cavendish thinks he should only focus on the strongest and most famous names. He lists a few notable fighters: Fighting King Elizabello II, his tactician Dagama, martial artist Blue Gilly, captain of the Dress Rosa army Tank Lepanto, criminal bounty hunters Abdullah and Jeet, fish-man karate master Hack, and Bellamy and Bartolomeo. Cavendish is certain that one of them will win the fight.

The fight then begins. Bellamy manages to take out five opponents at once with his devilish powers. It is noticeable that some of the participants have decided to work together. They stand like a small arm around Elizabello and Dagama. Dagama plans to use Elizabello’s strongest attack, the King Punch. This punch is said to have once torn a hole in an entire fortress and where even the Four Emperors would have to take a hard hit. But the problem is that Elizabello needs an hour to prepare, so he must be protected first. Bellamy is attacked in the process by Tank Lepanto, who is also fighting for Elizabello because Dagama bribed him. When Bellamy asks why the captain of Dress Rosa’s army is fighting for another country, he explains that money is worth more than dreams or ideals. A fight ensues between the two. Meanwhile, the gladiator Ricky, about whom virtually nothing is known, stands out. Nevertheless, he defeats one fighter after another. Bartolomeo, in turn, lies down to sleep carefree on the edge of the ring.

Cavendish, meanwhile, goes through the wanted posters of the pirates from Luffy’s generation, hoping to catch one of them in the tournament. His wanted posters are barely recognizable due to numerous knife wounds. Luffy asks if he could slow down and let it go, since after all none of them intentionally intended to take away Cavendish’s beloved glory. But the pirate prince insists on his revenge. Suddenly, Don Chinjao joins them. He casually greets the Straw Hat Captain by his real name and inquires about Garp’s condition. Luffy falls for the ruse and automatically responds that he hasn’t seen his grandfather for some time. Cavendish is then incensed to learn that his new friend Lucy is the Luffy he hates. Chinjao explains that Garp almost killed him once and he swore revenge on him and his children and grandchildren.

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